Tenderfeet questions

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Tenderfeet questions
« on: 19 Jun 2015, 06:19 pm »
I'm thinking about picking up some Tenderfeet and I notice that 40lbs is the cutover from soft to stiff, and I'm wondering if that changes at all with different #'s of feet?  Is it 40lbs if you use 3 feet? Does that go up to a higher weight if you use 4 feet?

I'm even thinking about using 5 feet, with one of them in the middle of the chassis, since I notice the middle part of all my gear is less rigid than around the edges.  Would an extra foot be beneficial in this position? 


Re: Tenderfeet questions
« Reply #1 on: 20 Jun 2015, 03:21 am »
There is considerable weight-capacity overlap between TenderSoft and Extra-Firm Tenderfoot isolation feet. 40 pounds is a general mid-point of their overlapping capacities, not a discrete cut-off. (Extra-Firm Tenderfeet do very well with components weighing much less than forty pounds; with very heavy components, TenderSoft version will squish down more than optimally thus losing some of its contra-vibrational energy.)

Weight considerations are based on four footers under the component. Four virtually always provide a sonically better result than using only three. Weight recommendation also takes into consideration that weight distribution of components is almost always uneven, especially with amplifiers, so individual weight-capacity is considerably greater than if you just divided a component's weight by four.

Additional Tenderfeet will increase the weight-handling ability and is oftentimes additionally beneficial sonically, for example placing a fifth footer under a motor mount, circuit board or other sensitive location, or simply placing one under the middle for a more whole-chassis vibration control.

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