Something wrong with DSD playback

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Re: Something wrong with DSD playback
« Reply #20 on: 1 Jul 2015, 02:52 pm »
Great to hear that it is as good as the rumor has it. Too bad it's so expensive!
A rare occasion - right now there is on on Audiogon for $5k, but that is what I planned to spend on LIO, so I have to pass  :cry:
But why do you say it is your third Cello Palette? Did the first two break down? Or you mean you have 3 units in your posession?  :o


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Re: Something wrong with DSD playback
« Reply #21 on: 2 Jul 2015, 07:00 am »
The first plattee was the first generation i bought in late80 then i traded it in with MIV version multiple input version in 1999。 its power supply broke in 2013 then i traded in again for newer version

It is a perfect match with LIO, it is not just a EQ , it makes the system sound better even i sat all the EQ at flat。