Maraschino versus Classic Cherry

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Maraschino versus Classic Cherry
« on: 8 Apr 2015, 06:10 pm »
We are frequently asked to explain the difference between the newer Maraschino Cherry and our more established "Big Cherry" amplifiers, also known as Classic Cherry.  Both are shown on our new website (under construction as of this post),

Specifications wise, the Maraschino has wider bandwidth, lower distortion, and lower output impedance.  However, the "big Cherry" can output more than twice the power into 8Ω.  The sound of the big Cherry is sometimes considered more "tube like", and the Maraschino can be described as "faster" and "clearer".

Both of these Cherry amps use our patented and proprietary modulation technique for dynamic, accurate sound, but the topologies are quite different.  The big Cherry uses a massive internal linear power supply and the Maraschino uses an external power supply (SMPS available now, linear in the future).  As a result, the Maraschino is much smaller and lighter.  Most listeners are surprised at the big sound from the little Cherries.

Let's compare the KING 60V Desktop Maraschino with the Cherry MONO ULTRA....
Power Output
    Maraschino: 200W into 8Ω, 400W into 4Ω
    ULTRA MONO: 420W into 8Ω, 770W into 4Ω
Output Impedance
    Maraschino: <0.02Ω
    ULTRA MONO: 0.045Ω
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
    Maraschino: 118dB
    ULTRA MONO: 118dB
Input Impedance
    Maraschino: 20kΩ
    ULTRA MONO: 10kΩ
THD+N (1kHz, 10W into 8Ω)
    Maraschino: 0.002%
    ULTRA MONO: 0.003%
Frequency Response
    Maraschino: 0Hz (!) to 100kHz (DC coupled end-to-end)
    ULTRA MONO: 1Hz to 60kHz
Recommended Minimum Load
    Maraschino: 2Ω
DC Offset
    Maraschino: <20mV
    ULTRA MONO: <5mV
Remote Standby Function
    Maraschino: NO
Auto-Sleep Function
    Maraschino: YES
    Maraschino: 22dB
    ULTRA MONO: 27dB
Size and Weight
    Maraschino: 5" x 6" x 6", <8 lbs (amp only) per channel
    ULTRA MONO: 17" x 14" x 5", 40 lbs (!) per channel
AC Supply
    Maraschino: 100-130VAC, 200-250VAC
    ULTRA MONO: 100-130VAC only

By the way, specifications for our In-Line (hanging) Maraschino are identical to the Desktop version.  They use the same PCB internally.

The big Cherry has more headroom due to 50% more output voltage swing.  This works well with higher impedance speakers like the Zu Audio Soul Superfly, for example.

Driving 2Ω with the big Cherry is not recommended, but the Maraschino handles low impedance loads without breaking a sweat.  The Maraschino also excels at driving panels like Martin Logans (ESLs) and Magnepans.  Drive for low efficiency speakers (less than 90dB sensitivity) is equally admirable with either Cherry.

Which is best for YOU?  Well, it depends mostly on your personal preferences and your speakers.

When the big Cherry is best:
    - you need/want the BIG power
    - you like a "smoother" sound
    - you have high impedance speakers (>8Ω)

When the Maraschino is best:
    - your speakers are tough to drive (widely varying or low impedance, panels)
    - you like super fast sound and extended highs
    - you frequently enjoy high bandwidth recordings (96kHz, 192kHz, etc.)
    - your AC voltage is 200-250VAC

Thanks for reading this (:

-Tommy O
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Re: Maraschino versus the "Big Cherry"
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Re: Maraschino versus the "Big Cherry"
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"Big Cherry" is "Classic Cherry"
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FWIW, the "Big Cherry" is also referred to as the "Classic Cherry" amp.


Re: "Big Cherry" is "Classic Cherry"
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FWIW, the "Big Cherry" is also referred to as the "Classic Cherry" amp.
Changed the thread title to reflect this.


Re: Maraschino vs Classic Cherry vs MEGAschino
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We are working on such a comparison for MEGAschino....

More info on this: