Name all the elements that don't end in 'um'...harder than I thought!

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Rob Babcock

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Here's a fun but maddening little quiz!  You simply have to name all the elements you can that don't end in 'um'.  I hate to admit it but I only remembered 13 of the 33. :oops:  But I got frustrated and ended it with a couple minutes to go.  Inexplicably I forget a couple of 'em that I can't believe I could forget!  Take the quiz, only takes five or six minutes.  I'm sure a few of you will ace it.


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  • Posts: 134 only 15...and I'm a chemist! lol!!! good and fun quiz...much more fun than the 'not-so-funny' jokes from that Guy...:)


I never realized that the names of most of the elements end with -"um".  I got 26 by thinking in terms of groups and families.  The seven that I missed are not so obscure that I have any excuses.  Fortunately, the actinide and lanthanide series don't contain any of the 33 answers. 

Rob Babcock

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What's really funny is that I forget two of the noble gasses and two that are components of many types of knife steel- despite using those groups as mnemonics. :lol:  Still a fun quiz.


I got 19. Bit of head smacking :duh: when you see the answers! There's one that I never even heard of, and four that I didn't know were elements.


I only got 10, but I haven't thought about chemistry in 23 years since I had it in HS.  There is another 4-5 that I probably could have gotten.   Basically hydrogen and oxygen and then metals and somehow I pulled Boron out of nowhere.   I missed the completely obvious copper. 

Funny enough, I remembered most of the metals from thinking about tube and and speaker iron. 


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I only got 12. My excuse is simple. I took chemistry in high school 50 years ago and haven't looked at the periodic table since. It did not accept 2 of my correct answers because I  misspelled them - Silicone and Phosphorous. Pretty difficult to excuse missing carbon though.