Avp-18 bi amplification

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Avp-18 bi amplification
« on: 9 Feb 2015, 10:29 pm »
I´m a happy owner of a couple AVP-18 + MCA-20
Both work tremendous, well done nuforce !
I still have a question regarding the bi amplification of my front channels (I use 5.1 channels)

I do allocate the FvH channels to the Front speakers (high part) and the normal Front to the front (low part)
I have as well set the "Back / FvH channel" to "2CH"
It works very well when I use the "All stereo" mode
However, when I play a 5.1 track (whichever mode apart from "Direct" / "Stereo" and "All stereo") , the high part of the Front speakers does not work ...  so just half of th emain front speakers work ... which is annoying as you can imagine
Is there something wrong I do ? I have checked the FAQ, but no answer found so far ...
Many thx in advance for your support.