Mr Vinyl a "tube lover's" review of the IDA-16

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John Casler

Mr Vinyl a "tube lover's" review of the IDA-16
« on: 17 Jan 2015, 06:18 am »
One of my new IDA-16 owners, sent me the link to this IDA-16 review, by an Audiophile who loves TUBES, and Vinyl.

I think his enthusiasm for the IDA-16 says it all. . . . .

"Now, just in case you were wondering, I have not totally lost my tube fetish, or love of all things analog and the IDA-16 allows me to continue to enjoy both tubes and vinyl (although with far fewer tubes to contribute tone to the system). You see, the IDA-16 makes this possible through its one analog audio input for the hookup of ... you guess it ... a tube phonostage. Praise be to the Audio Gods!"

"Over the next few days I became acquainted with the many virtues and the clean look of the IDA-16 sitting on my now largely empty stereo rack. The IDA-16 replaces four rather large, expensive, and bulky audio components. This made my wife Barbara very happy. “I love the look and the sound is great,” she enthused one evening. She was right. How can this be?"

Full review LOOK HERE