Well Rounded Sound at CES, 31-308

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Well Rounded Sound at CES, 31-308
« on: 8 Jan 2015, 05:46 am »
I surprised my friend Jerry at CES today, Venetian 31-308.

And what do you know?  He was running a Virtue ONE.3 with some new speakers that sounded UNBELIEVABLE.

Well Rounded Sound has always made sweet little desktops with the coolest felt and most marvelous wood-work. 

The latest model which I call the Lollipop is a two-way giant killer.  Just out of this world.  We need to make the sub active and paint it cherry red!

WRS is exhibiting with some wonderful partners, WISS Audio and XLO Cables.  Wiss has a new planar headphone that competes with Hifiman.  They also have a bunch of great headphone amps also which are just a knock-out with the phones.  The XLO cables are just gorgeous.  I'm not a cable guy but shoot, if you're in the market, check out XLO.

Here is me with Jerry and Anne, his awesome wife.

The Lollipops!


Re: Well Rounded Sound at CES, 31-308
« Reply #1 on: 18 Jan 2015, 01:06 am »
And here is a stereophile report on the system. :thumb:



Re: Well Rounded Sound at CES, 31-308
« Reply #2 on: 24 Jan 2015, 02:51 am »
Hey Seth,

I have enjoyed the sound of Jerry's room at several NY Shows.  His speakers are excellent in value.  I know he's based in NY but I haven't talked to him since the last show, so say hi for me if you guys communicate more often. 

Paul Mah

p.s. And thanks for the compliment to my latest review.