Review of Oregon Daedalus Pan Audition

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Review of Oregon Daedalus Pan Audition
« on: 24 Nov 2014, 01:47 am »
First of all as I am the owner of the Pan speakers any thought or review by me would be swayed or unduly influenced.

Now that I got that out of the way,  The Pans were Very Impressive :thumb:  Every body in attendance enjoyed them and would consider a product from Lou's line of speakers.
As Lou had pointed out to me at time of purchase that I would enjoy listening more if I invested in a woofer or as he calls it a "Base Optimized sound reproduction cabinet."
 I am newer to membership of the audiophile equipment world and I think it was Lou that mentioned I could win the worst IC cable collection.   Lou was kind enough to send me a pair of the WyWires Blue i.c.'s that we used along with a whole slew of cables and a Uberbuss.  All of the power was run through a New Furman  Elite 20 PFi I decided to purchase from Lou as the equipment brought by the Ashland group was impressive and I simply needed it.  And don't let me forget Michael from Corvallis and his donation of equipment.
We did fix some Pork and Salmon to munch on along with the lastof my two- year old Abyss from Deschutes Brewing.

I ask that the participants add some of the particulars of the contributed equipment as I am sure I won't get them all listed.

Audion Black Shadow 845 Monblocks
Audio Preamp
Salk Streamer
Audion DAC?  (Ern Dog)
Daedalus Pan Speakers using Boulder Daedalus Audio Cables
Furman Elite 20PFI
Pasasound ZDAC
Sabon Gran Coronas Power Cables
Audioquest Grand Carbon USB
Audioquest Ethernet Cable
Placette IC's
Running Springs Haley Power didn't make it out of the box I think :scratch:
AVA 400R
Triode Wire Labs speaker cables
WyWires Blue RCA ic's

And Some DIY Satori driver Monitors  (While a work in Progress Michael brought them along to ask what he got wrong.  While he admits he isn't a wood worker we were all impressed with the sound.  Especially the bass, exceeded the Pans) 

I won't even go into the Music for the day as it was vast and varied and I see some new purchases in my future.

My Impressions on the Sound:
What can I say about the Black Shadows.  Warm, embracing and a great sound stage. 

The AVA set up came closer to MY PERSONAL daily listening I do believe.  A little more punch and crispness.

The People that spent the day also made thisa far more enjoyable experience..

Thank you Sue(Wife) Ernie (the instigator) Scott (the driver) Gary (the wisdom) Michael ( the other newbie) 
And a VEREY SPECAIL THANKS to the maker of the 3# plastic tub of dry wall compound that was needed to hold up those big fancy power cords.

Ern Dog

Re: Review of Oregon Daedalus Pan Audition
« Reply #1 on: 24 Nov 2014, 02:46 am »
Thanks again for an enjoyable day listening to music, eating great food and making some new friends.  "The Abyss" stout beer from Deschutes brewery was the best dark beer I've ever tasted.

The Pans were very responsive to what ever amp was driving them and I regret not bringing my Coincident dragons.  I sway more toward tube love than solid state.  The dac we used with the Salk streamer was an MHDT Stockholm tube dac.  The preamp was an Audion premier.  The Pans were like chameleons, so with all the different gear we tried it was hard to isolate how the speakers sounded.  The only way for me to know for sure what I'm hearing is to demo the speakers in my system.  We are making plans for this to happen, so stay tuned.  One thing was clear to me, the Pans need some help on the low end.  I use floor standers that go down to 35hz plus I use a sub to capture the last smidgen of bass.  What can I say, I'm a bass fiend.  That's why I'm looking at the Ulysses and maybe the BOWs too.


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Re: Review of Oregon Daedalus Pan Audition
« Reply #2 on: 25 Nov 2014, 04:16 am »

Thank you for hosting our GTG. [A special thank you to Sue for putting up with us all afternoon and evening.  :thumb:] Delicious food and amazing "Abyss" was supplied to keep our energy up.

We got to listen to the pans for hours--powered first by the Black Shadow monoblocks followed by my AVA 400R. The Pans just shined. Did I notice a wee bit more bass punch from the 400R (or was that my bias?)? There was no listener fatigue even after many hours of music. Those are nice sounding speakers IMHO. I must agree with Ern Dog's assessment concerning lack of low bass. I wish I had brought my Rythmik F12G sub along. (Sigh.)

Thank you all for humoring me by listening to my DIY Satori driver speakers "Adelphos". The cabinets left something to be desired, but they sounded pretty damned good for smallish 2-ways. I shall tweak the stuffing a bit to improve the sound (hopefully). I'll give them new cabinets before too long.

Remarkably, I persuaded Ern, Scott and Alan to pose for a memorial picture. The detail isn't so great, but surely you'll realize what we represent..... :wink: