Preferred Hookup Wire?

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Re: Preferred Hookup Wire?
« Reply #60 on: 28 Dec 2014, 02:43 pm »
I replaced the stock wire on my SMPS 400a and the results were not subtle. I copied the Veritas NC1200 specs using Cardas litz wire. Not at all easy to work with but the synergy is excellent. Results based upon UCD180HRX modules.

And have you analyzed the effects of the increased inductance and Q factor?


Re: Preferred Hookup Wire?
« Reply #61 on: 11 Jan 2015, 06:08 pm »
I wanted to update the parts #s for the connectors Hypex uses for the signal and power inputs.
Here are the connectors you need to re-wire the inputs using the existing connector scheme:

Signal input wire connectors by Molex: housing 43025-0400, pins 43030-0008. I bought them from Mouser. I used shielded twisted pair 22 ga. silver alloy from Signal Cable. The Cardas litz wire also looks like a good and cheaper alternative, but is not shielded.

AC power input wire connectors by JST:- housing VHR-3N, pins SVH-41T-P1.1. Bought from digi-key. I used 16 ga. PCOCC wire for the upgrade.

These are cheap, so buy twice as many as you need.
Tedious work this, particularly the signal input connectors, but very audible improvement from both upgrades. The signal input upgrade was a particularly notable improvement.

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Re: Preferred Hookup Wire?
« Reply #62 on: 7 Feb 2015, 04:26 pm »
I just up graded the a/c input wire and the signal input cable on my Ncore amp ( the amp already had the Ric Schulz up grades ), I only have about 30 hrs of burn in on the amp since the up grades and the only listening I done is when I walk through the room and stop to listen, I only  have the tweeter and mids playing for the burn in ( so no low end at all ) Yet I already notice a nice improvement in the sound stage, it’s wider and more holographic and it sounds more musical. I find I get more drawn into the music.
I used Jupiter copper  wire w/ cotton insulation for the input cables and I remover a/c input plug from PSs and soldered the wire directly to the board. I used Mapleshade  copper wire as jumpers from the boards with the Mapleshade PC soldered directly to them.
 Next I’ll be replacing the cable from PSs to amp boards with some Neotech copper and I’m going to try some Mapleshade copper ribbon  wire to replace the Neotech gold/ silver I’m now using for the output wire.
I’m amazed how much the sound improves with every up grade made to this amp. When I replaced my ICs to all Mapleshade cables it defiantly took my system to another level, I replaced the cables one at a time and each time there was improvement sometime small other time big, but when I replaced the last IC it really made the biggest improvement, don’t know if last cable was that much better or the synergy of all the same cables made the difference.