Holy smokes £40 Sensation upgrade that gives so much!

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 Just a little heads up folks, l am using my M451 Sensation ( ClarityCaps, batteries, fancy fuses and feet) as a pre- amp and am using a £40 Muse M50 T- amp( yes the one plastered all over a famous auction site) as a power amp and;


Power, gain, 3D, depth, soundstage have all gone through the roof, l only have to nudge the volume and The Sensation sings like a Canary- tonal colour and effortless sound in fact the sound is so smooth that it is quite stupid- please people try this set up for £40 or what is it $55 just do it.

Happy early Christmas. :thumb:


Re: Holy smokes £40 Sensation upgrade that gives so much!
« Reply #1 on: 5 Nov 2014, 02:53 pm »
I am surprised by the open mindedness of Seth to allow this post. The selling point of virtue amplifiers and especially its flagship model the Sensation is the tripath based power amplifier section of the integrated amplifier. Sure enough the preamp is great but that is not why supporters of the brand bought the amps !  Now on the Virtue blog a "fanboy" is advising other "fanboys and girls" that if they replace Virtue's power amplifier with a mass produced Chinese tripath amp costing 50 odd dollars it will take the sound to new heights ! surely preferences are a very personal matter but I think that such a posting is better placed on the Muse website !!!


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Re: Holy smokes £40 Sensation upgrade that gives so much!
« Reply #2 on: 19 Nov 2014, 05:13 pm »
Haha... It's all good.  I actually like the MUSE DAC products a lot.