My new Sony (AM-FM portable radio)

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My new Sony (AM-FM portable radio)
« on: 29 Oct 2014, 12:36 pm »
Hi all.
I wanted a small portable radio to listen to music while I work at my desk,
so it could be close to me on my desk.
I found and bought from Amazon (25 USD) and it was deliver to me via a relative from Seattle.
It's a Sony ICF-38 AM-FM dual power portable radio.
Electric with a built in storable in the back power cable
and four AA batteries. (Not rechargeable.)
I don't know yet how long the four AA batteries will last,
but batteries are only for use in case of power failiure.
It's fairly small or small enough for me anyway.
The tuning dial and display are analog, that was very important for me.
(I hate digital display.)
It got a tuning LED and a tone control (Hi -lo)
I would have prefered a double bass - treble controls,
but what the heck, for 25 USD cannot ask for to much.
With the telescopic FM antenna reception is good.
I was expecting the headphone jack to be stereo, but it's mono,
No problem, I can get an adaptor made so I can use my
Sennheiser HD-570 (60 Ohms) headphones.
The sound for the built in speaker is...
Well acceptable for such a small unit.
It's only for low level ambiant music.
I saw on Amazon many better looking and I'm sure playing radio,
but my budget was for 25 USD.
Of course if I would have paid 100 USD I would have got a better unit, but like they say:
No mony - no candy and in this case:
No high end portable radio.
I am 90% happy with my purchase, would I recommend it? Yes, but only of you have a restrcitive budget like mine, otherwise, but a more expensive unit.
I like and prefer the Sony brand for it's good reputation.
I hope this is of some interest to you.

Guy 13


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Re: My new Sony (AM-FM portable radio)
« Reply #1 on: 29 Oct 2014, 01:43 pm »
I have had the same radio for about 15 yrs and it still plays well in spite of being banged around in numerous moves and used by a bunch of construction guys. Enjoy