NuPrime Audio acquired NuForce high-end product line

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Under the leadership of NuForce co-founder and original CEO, Jason Lim, NuPrime has assembled a design team comprised of talented engineers who are expert in audio amplifier and switching-power circuit designs. NuPrime aims to achieve yet greater heights of excellence and value in high-performance audio.

Why do Reference 20 and P-20 still carry the NuForce brand?
Because these products are part of NuForce celebrated history in high-end audio and NuPrime decided to keep them under the same brand name (under licensing agreement with NuForce).  Newly developed products will carry the NuPrime brand name.

Are NuPrime and NuForce related?
No.  Jason left NuForce to start Heap Venture, a company that creates and manages brands for selective clients. He serves as the CEO of the brands under management.

Is there any plan for V4  and how do you classify the performance of your products?
Traditionally NuForce had used version numbers V1, V2 and V3 for its amplifier technology. NuPrime will continue this tradition and we are happy to announce that V4 technology is under development.  In fact, several new version of amplifiers have been developed and used in IDA-16, Reference 20 and ST-10.  Instead of being confused by technology, we reserve the Reference classification for the top of the line products.  With the introduction of ST-10 stereo amplifier in November, we feel that this class of amplifiers deserve the classification Reference LE, which means "near reference class".  Listening test is the only way we use to classify our products, because even though measurement result generally reflect the performance of a product, but it can't guarantee a good sounding product. Over the years, we have developed a process to ensure that our listening tests match expectation of discerning audiophiles.
Regardless of classification, we only produce world class sounding audio products.

Do you use ICEpower or Hypex amplifier modules?
Absolutely not. Most of the audio brands use either one of these two modules for their Class-D power amp.  We are one of the very few, if not the only manufacturer that has our own patented technology (US patent #7,221,216 B2 granted in 2007) since 2005.  Our high-end Reference 9 won The Absolute Sound Power Amp of The Year award in 2005 and a similar product of the year award by HiVi in Japan in 2007. Over the years we have won many Editor Choice awards.  You are buying from a company that proudly does its own R&D.

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