Audio show to be sent to the right circle.

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Audio show to be sent to the right circle.
« on: 9 Sep 2014, 10:38 am »
Hi all.
I could not find the right place to post my comments on this exhibition.
Please let me know and I will re-post it in the right circle.

Hi all.
Last Saturday afternoon, I went to the A/V show 2014 at the Sheraton hotel in Ho Chi Minh City (Formerly: Saigon)
where I met my two audio Vietnamese friends
Mr. Phuong and Mr. Khiem.
Always more interesting to do something with someone
that has the same interest and hobby as you have.
I have to admit that I am not a good reporter
and I actually did not go there to do a reporter’s job.
However, I did take a few pictures; unfortunately, there was something wrong with my small point and shoot camera.
Anyway, I think it’s better than nothing.
First I must say that this year show was much better than the previous years.
The Sheraton hotel is a better choice for that kind of event than the Continental hotel, more room and more lights everywhere.
There were more exhibitors and more stuff than last year.
The entry ticket was an astonishing 50,000 Vietnamese dollars, which could put you in bankruptcy, however, since it’s Vietnamese Dong (The country’s currency) it’s equivalent to 2.30 USD.
Cheap, considering that at the registration desk the nice ladies gave you a bag fill with pamphlets, one music CD of music (More about that later…) and a bottle of something that look like Vietnamese drinking brown liquid.
(I did not touch that, I gave it to my wife on my return home.)
The first few rooms were… Well, terribly bad sounding, maybe more because the usual bad hotel room acoustic and as usual,
way too loud.
Then we walk into a room with two small bookshelves speakers
That sounded incredible for their size, lots of good bass, very good mid and highs.
I was really surprised and to surprise me, it takes something quite special.
Now, talking about special, the price was also.
Believe me or not, a pair of bookshelves speaker like that,
will break your bank account or you will need to re-mortgage you house to buy them.
25,000 USD/pair, no, no, not 2,500 USD, that’s what I thought they were, but I looked at the poster and there it was.
First thing that came to my mind is:
Somebody must be making a fortune making or sell those units.
The remaining of the system; was as expensive.
I will post more pictures and comments about that exhibition later on today or this week or this month or next year…

Guy 13

Ho yaw, about the CD.
Every year the A/V audio show gives an audio CD that is fairly well recorded with a wide choice of different music.
I have already three CDs from previous exhibitions and I like them all,
But this year, was, was…
So terrible, that I consider it un-listenable.
Thin sounding, distortion in the music and in the voice.
The show should be a shamed of them selves offering something
so badly recorded to audiophiles at a hi-end show.
I will keep it as a souvenir.

Some rooms were more interesting than others.

Mr. Khiem and myself.



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Re: Audio show to be sent to the right circle.
« Reply #1 on: 9 Sep 2014, 12:05 pm »
Very interesting Guy 13, how many rooms did they have set up?  Did you find anything you might like to have?

Guy 13

Re: Audio show to be sent to the right circle.
« Reply #2 on: 9 Sep 2014, 12:59 pm »
Very interesting Guy 13, how many rooms did they have set up?  Did you find anything you might like to have?

Hi Letitroll98.
Why not round up the number 98 to 100
like " Letitroll 100 " don't you think it would sound better ? :lol:
I think there was about 10 rooms one of which was more or less a ballroom.
There was also two mini home theater room, well, look more like the size of a toilet room.
They also had maybe 5 kiosque,
plus a few displays in the center of the aisle and on the walls.
I know that you cannot compare this exhibition
with the ones around the world,
but here it's consider big, not huge, but big.
Did not really see something that I would have liked to own,
but some stuff is nice looking (Appearance and design, like the JBL speakers, pictures to come) and could look nice in our apartment.
Ho yes, they had two reel to reel machines that I would like to have,
but they were not for sales and even if they were,
I could never afford to buy them unless
my wife get a job on the sidewalk. (If you see what I mean)
What ? Those girls probably make more money they you with their illegal job.
Guy 13 enough, otherwise your post will end up in the recycle bean.
More to come probably tomorrow, I still have some sleep catch up to do.

Guy 13

Bad jokes, I'm sorry.
Well, maybe not that sorry.

Guy 13

Re: Audio show to be sent to the right circle.
« Reply #3 on: 10 Sep 2014, 10:28 am »
Hi all.
A few more pictures from my visit last Saturday to the Audio/Video show in Saigon
There are two different speakers that draw my attention.
The JBL DD66000.

Look nice, but sounds more like a discothèque speaker, maybe because that made it play very loud.
The Tannoy Westminster Royal SE.

I’ve always like the look of that speaker and I also liked the sound, minds you, I am sure they would have sounded better in a better acoustically treated room.
Of course, both of the above I cannot afford, unless I win the mega super duper extra big jack pot.

Nice looking amplifier, not as nice as what Matt from Aluminati Sound can do.
I could not hear what they sound like, because they were more or less just a decoration…

I am throwing in a few more pictures without comments, please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer your question with my aging memory.
Legacy speakers soundd quite good driven by a tube amplifier.

Of course, what's a HiFi - Hi-end audio show without expensive
and exotic speaker wires.

Guy 13