Houston Audio Society - September 20th Meeting

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Houston Audio Society - September 20th Meeting
« on: 5 Sep 2014, 12:12 pm »
The meeting is at my house in West Houston. The topic is the importance of the crossover in a speaker's sound quality, with an A/B comparison of a stock Dayton Audio B652 speaker pair to a pair with the Zaph Audio crossover mod. http://zaphaudio.com/Dayton-B652.html

We'll also compare a stock Pioneer SP-BS22 pair to one with Dennis Murphy's Philharmonic Audio Affordable Accuracy crossover mod and upgraded tweeter. http://philharmonicaudio.com/folio-me/html/Phil%20Pages/AALS.html

For each of the above comparisons the system's volume level will be adjusted for differences in speaker sensitivity, so all listening will be done at the same volume level regardless of which speaker is playing.

Then we'll switch to the passive version of my Towers of Awesomeness line array speakers. http://fredt300b.smugmug.com/Hobbies/Speakers/132721_kcDVmw#!i=3001573622&k=sRmHCQt Using these speakers with a Krell integrated amp we'll do an on-the-fly comparison of a CD played on an Oppo 95 player versus the same CD ripped to a laptop computer's hard drive and played through an AudioQuest Dragonfly USB DAC. The player and the computer will be volume balanced.

The meeting starts at 11:00 AM, and we'll plan to order pizza at 11:30. Please bring $5 if you would like pizza. Directions to the meeting will be posted on the Houston Audio Society web page a week before the meeting. All are invited. No RSVP is needed - just show up and enjoy the meeting. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/houstonaudio/info