Maraschino and MEGAschino REVIEWS

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Maraschino and MEGAschino REVIEWS
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"Listening to these [Maraschino] amps aroused the audiophile in me and made me want to start collecting stereo equipment again. Whilst sitting in the sweet spot, the clarity and delivery of insturmental sound placement are superb. The attention to detail and level of quailty from initial concept to delivered finished product is classy and badass all rolled into one."

-Kayla O, Allentown PA

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HiFiZine Maraschino Review
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Professional Maraschino Review Quotes
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"....the baby cherries do the air thing better"

"....speed, open-sky treble and translucence"

"Desk-top users with inefficient Mark+Daniel type monitors could fall very hard for Maraschino indeed due to ultra-compact size, good power and low-Ω drive."

"There's nothing hasty, nervous, jittery, jagged or small about him or this...."

TONE Audio:

"....wonderfully open, clear, transparent, and precise sound"

"....very quickly addicting such that even familiar recordings come alive with a fresh perspective. This may be due to the Maraschinos’ incredibly quiet background."

"Peter Gabriel’s New Blood, featuring new interpretations of some of his classic songs, is a hair-raising showpiece through the Maraschinos."

"The recent 96 kHz remaster of Nick Drake’s three sublime albums are ravishing through the Maraschinos."

"....the Maraschinos greatest strength is coherence. Bass notes are deep and punchy yet speedy and nimble, with high frequencies sounding extended and smooth."

"They are amazingly refined with low distortion."

"....they have speed to spare."

"It is like cleaning a dirty windshield to get a better view of the road."


"....a product that defies the imagined rules.

"I was not imagining it. In my years of reviewing gear, I can’t think of a single occasion when a change of amp more surprised me, and all this in a budget system. Don’t ever doubt that well-designed amplification can make a real difference!"

"These amps easily compete with other great amps I’ve heard."

"The amps belie their size to deliver a sonic wallop...."

"Expensive investment in cables seem unnecessary, which is actually a major cost-saving in the long run."

"Small in size, huge in sonics, I find myself seduced by the quality of music provided by the Digital Amp Company’s Maraschinos. Recommended for music lovers."

Stereo Times:

"A ride cymbal tapped modestly at the back of a stage comes through with perfect clarity, and violins, which can sound strident on even some of the best recordings, are wonderfully fluid."

"These are also the quietest amplifiers I’ve ever had in my house. Between tracks, the Maraschinos make absolutely no sound: no soft background static, no hum, nothing."

"Driving my Verities, the bass was punchy, defined, and very well controlled"

"....the Maraschinos own some of the nicest sounding upper registers I’ve had the pleasure of listening to."

" I found the Maraschino’s presentation to be coherent, refined, powerful when the music required it, and delicate when things quieted down."

"The soundstage is enormous, the presentation is clean and clear...."
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TONE Audio Maraschino Review
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6Moons Maraschino Review
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Great Maraschino from Dany B (Belguim)
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Cherry Maraschino vs iQ Audio M300
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"the Maraschinos are certainly worth the extra dollar over the M300's"


Maraschino first impressions review from mamba315
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"Maraschino's sound cleaner and quieter"


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"I use Maraschinos for professional audio applications at my recording studio. Audio quality is absolutely critical especially when my clients are listening to the audio playback. This product has exceeded my expectations in every way. Extremely happy with my investment."

-Louis O, Easton PA
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Today i made a comparison with the Cherry Maraschinos to my Dussun D9 power stage. Before this i did a comparison with the mighty Dussun V8i.
I like the Maraschino more as you can found out in my previous reviews/comparison.
All told in one sentence, it came down that the V8i was a giant but not very subtile. The D9 was more subtile.
I'm selling the D9 but in comparison i had to set the volume right at the same DB level for both amps.
The D9 throws music to you that you instantly like, The Maraschino is more focused, more tighter and pure without losing that soundstage i like about that Dussun.
What amp can beat these Maraschinos?? I guess only another amp from the same company??


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Today i made a comparison with the Cherry Maraschinos to my Dussun D9 power stage. Before this i did a comparison with the mighty Dussun V8i.
I like the Maraschino more as you can found out in my previous reviews/comparison.
All told in one sentence, it came down that the V8i was a giant but not very subtile. The D9 was more subtile.
I'm selling the D9 but in comparison i had to set the volume right at the same DB level for both amps.
The D9 throws music to you that you instantly like, The Maraschino is more focused, more tighter and pure without losing that soundstage i like about that Dussun.
What amp can beat these Maraschinos?? I guess only another amp from the same company??
Thanks for the kind words.  Can't wait to hear what you think with the 60V power supplies!


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Brief-est review ever, but a good one:

The post above refers to a much more detailed review of the J-River/JTR room a RMAF 2014 (driven by Maraschino, A+ rating!):

Some comments about switching from the 48V to the 60V power supply:


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Thanks for the well done review of the KING 60V Desktop Marachino!

-Tommy O

p.s. To all: The "LOVE_MARA" coupon code expires tomorrow.  Write to if you are interested but missed out on the discount.


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Audio Review: Digital Amplifier Company , Maraschino Cherry 48v desktop Mono blocks. 
  The equipment used in review:
Pre Amp - Audio Mirror T - 61 tube
Oppo BDP-83 special edition Blue ray
I-phone 6
Denon DP 62L turntable with an audio Technica cartridge.
Bauer & Wilkins CDM - 1 Special Edition bookshelf speakers
Ohm 2000 full range speakers.
Morrow interconnects & Raymond Cable Speaker cables
    I have a pair of Quad 57 ESL's that are being rebuilt. I will add them in once I get them back. Past amplifiers I have enjoyed, Cary Slam 100 tube mono blocks, Manley Stingray integrated, Digital Amp Cherry, Conrad Johnson , Blue Circle and Jolida .

   I have been critiquing music, recordings and audio equipment for over 40 years. That being  said I sometimes wonder how my ears have held up. When I comment on sounds in the recording, how a note sounds or some foreign noise my family often never hears it until I point it out. This is my first pair of mono blocks in 8 years. Needless to say I was very excited when they arrived.
  They were well packed. My Immediate impression is these are well constructed. Flat black on black marble. Minimal but classy trademark design. Solid posts for speakers and Neutrik gold plated xlr with RCA adapterS if needed. The ICC Nexergy power sources is supplied. Set up very easy. The heavy marble base keeps the mono's stable even with my heavy cables. I turned the system on and let it sit for a short while. I have always had a little line noise do to my home wiring with an inverter and solar panels. There is no noise. This is the first time in twenty-three years that I have had no noise coming through the system. Very exciting. Tommie O said The amps can be powered all the time because they will sense no input and go into sleep mode. This is great. I just need to shut off my tube pre amp and turn it back on.
  After playing some music for a few days while at work I figured it was time for some critical listening. First with my B&W bookshelves.
   Listening to Damien Rice "O" is a pleasure. The sound of each instrument and his voice is crisp and clear. The acoustic notes clearly defined and at times you can hear his fingers. Lisa Hannigan has such great timing. Her voice silky smooth. The separation in speakers is total. The clarity of each voice as they harmonize is accentuated ,beautiful. I am using the Oppo as my source with a standard cd.  I have listened to and critiqued "Cold Water" on a few different amps and speakers. With Tommy's Maraschinos' I have heard it no better. The stereo separation total, the feeling in Damien's voice so clear I can hear every nuance. The snare drum is not muffled and you can actually pick out the snares as they hit. Very nice not to have any background noise or distortion. The specs are 117 dB s/n and 0.002 THD. The sound phenomenal !!
  Bala Bala is an African-Cuban funky jazz dance grooves group. They use Congas, traps,Sax,imbales,djembe,balafon,calves and more. I am surprised at the soundstage on the B&W bookshelves. The Congas and other instruments have a definite place to the side or back of the speaker. The Saxophone weather tenor, alto or soprano is never harsh. Again the stereo separation, range of sound and soundstage are all improved by the Maraschino's.
 Now for Jazz. The bass (Isoo Fukui) on Midnight sugar by Yamamoto,Tuyoshi trio is a slow beat. Each defined and carried through to the end. No bottom to these notes. Piano is very difficult for a standard speaker. The notes can hang or switch between the tweeter and the woofer. These speakers have not had an issue with past amps and there is none now. The clarity and smoothness of each note is exceptional. There is no fatigue from highs, no harshness and no distortion.
   Time to rock with the Ohm 2000. These speakers have a total different delivery than the B&W's. They are single driver 360 degree delivery with the base coming out the bottom. First A little Santana "Soul Kitchen" live and some "Marbles" With Buddy Miles. Treat is just that. All live Santana. Very good recording. This is pure pleasure. No fatigue. All sounds, band instruments, voices, audience are so clear it is fun to hear. Congas are so defined I'd swear I can tell where the hand is hitting the drum. The soundstage is what it should be. The music fills the room and the speakers actually disappear .  Another favorite of mine is the Belfast Harp Orchestra , Earth, Wind and Fire. It starts out quiet and strings ad in until the entire orchestra is playing. The clarity of individual harp notes and there tone is beautiful. When the entire orchestra is playing I can still pick out individual harps.
   Conclusion : These are high end mono blocks. They are very nice looking ,well constructed ,easy to hookup and operate. As a consumer and "audiophile" (as my friends have labelled me ) I really enjoy the sound being produced. The speakers I used were not as good as the amps. The Maraschino's brought the B&W's and Ohm's to an entirely new level. This review will be added to when I get my rebuilt Quads back. My feeling is they will compliment the Maraschino's well. The Marachinos brought the speakers used to an all new level but these mono blocks had so much more to offer. The quads should compliment the Maraschino's clarity well.  I have no reservations highly recommending the Maraschino Mono Blocks from Digital Amplifier Company. From a person that enjoys all kinds of music these are very enjoyable to listen to for hours and hours.  Gerry Mittica


Now with two 60V supplies
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Gerry: Great job on the review :thumb:

Finally I have two 60v supplies. I had a single for a while but when I placed the Maraschinos directly behind the Revel F206s the cables from the 60V didn't reach so back to the stock 48V supplies.

Sounds great w/ the 48V supplies but just that much better w/ the 60s. I don't think I could describe the difference, but each of the amp's attributes just becomes that much more apparent.  The fast clear highs, the grain-free midrange and fast tight deep bass are each just done a bit better w/ the 60V supplies. It's amazing how much information my other amps weren't letting through.

Speaker cables were made from 1 foot of AQ cable my dealer gave me for free.

For someone with a biwireable speaker it'd be ideal to have two modules plugged into a single 60V supply for each speaker.

Thought I'd post a pic or two:


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Thank You. Your set up is nice.  I am patient but anxious to get get my Quad ESL 57's back. They are totally different in sound than the speakers I used. Right now I am listening to some piano Christmas music and the notes are reproduced so sweat. When using the Quads I imagine I will use Blue Ray and SACD discs.


Dr. Larkos KING Desktop Maraschino Testimonial
« Reply #18 on: 8 Dec 2014, 08:24 pm »
Dear Tommy, I wanted to thank you for your invaluable assistance in helping me to determine that a pair of your Maraschino King amplifiers constitutes the best match in amplification for my new Martin Logan Reserve Series ESL speakers.

As you know, I was fortunate enough to have been initiated into and been able to own state of the art audio equipment since the beginning of the High End era back in the middle 70s (thanks to the good offices of the late Mike K, of Lyric Hi-Fi fame, in New York). That amounts to about 40 years of experiencing and owning some of the best equipment the industry could offer in the search for ultimate sound quality. As you also know, prompted by recent raving reviews in the Absolute Sound and other main stream audio periodicals that declared the Martin Logan ESL “Montis” speakers to be, so far, the company’s best effort ever in full range hybrid ESL speakers, I acquired a pair (in a special order finish). This was meant as a reward to my wife, who throughout that 40 year period has suffered quietly all kinds of large full range speakers (both tower or modular boxes and wall-to-wall planar magnetic panels) set in our largish, cathedral-ceiling living room.   

I started amplification trial by mating the Montis to high-end amplifiers that I own or that I could borrow/purchase for trial. The former included the legendary Brown Electronic Labs 1001 Mark V, Grant Fidelity KT-88 Class A triode integrated (heavily modified), a pair of your own DAC 4800A stereo amps, and a pair of Auralic Merak mono blocks (a recent addition resulting from a speaker trade). The later included, a pair of Red Dragon 500 monoblocks, and an Audio Research Reference 150 (same model used in Tone Audio‘s review). Why the exhaustive trial of amps? Well, as we thoroughly discussed it, the Montis impedance drops to about 0.5 ohms as frequency approaches 20 kHz. Most of those amplifiers I have mention performed during my trials without obvious operating glitches, with rather acceptable SQ (albeit different), in line with their pedigrees. However, the fact is that none of them are rated or intended for operation with speaker impedances descending into or going below 2 ohms. However, as I learned from you, that happens not to be the case for the Maraschino King using your 60 volt power supply (rated at 800 watts, 2 ohms). You kindly went out of your way to test/measure, and documented to me that the Maraschino King can operate continuously at 1 ohm without any significant high frequency response roll off or power bandwidth limitations, or electronic glitch of any sort.

It could very well be that in an apparent case of good (measurable) science being fully confirmed by (my) subjective long trained auditory perception--because of the already well-reviewed sonic virtues of your Maraschino technology and the ability to handle ultra-low speaker impedances—the pair of Maraschino Kings I bought from you outperformed all the other contenders when driving the Martin Logan’s ESL Montis. As far as I am concerned, I can state without reservations that adding to my system the combination of the Maraschino Kings and the Montis resulted in the best reproduction of a music event I have ever heard.

Thankfully and sincerely,

Dr.Larkos, Irvington, NY

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« Reply #19 on: 13 Jan 2015, 01:31 am »

A few days ago I got my Quad ESL 57's back from Sheldon @ He did a thorough going over. Showed me graphs that proved my ears were correct. The treble panels needed to replaced. He put in some NOS panels he had that have like new graphs. He did some electrical upgrades also. I must say A BIG shout out to Sheldon for the honest person he is, the quality work he did and at a very good value. I have been playing Pink Floyd, Nora Jones, Sting, Allman Brothers, and much more with my Maraschino's. The Quads sound wonderful. The amps work very well with them. I am listening to the Crosby Stills Nash Acoustic Concert. The song " Just a Song Before I Go". The guitars sound clear,each string is placed. The low end hits quick and no flab. I have enjoyed this concert because it is well recorded, voices ,piano and guitars  only. With the quads and Maraschino's I can honestly say I have not enjoyed it as much ever. The clarity of each note is a joy. Tommy O. From Digital Amp and Sheldon have just made music sound fantastic. Thanks. Gm
Apparently I can only get one speaker in three pics for you to see