Memorial Day Sale / 15% off / 4AMERICA

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Memorial Day Sale / 15% off / 4AMERICA
« on: 27 May 2014, 04:52 am »
I'm reposting a notice that went out to my mailing list today.

The AMP is perfect
Since delivering the first batch of ONE.3 amplifiers last month, customer feedback has been off the charts.  Some of my favorites include:

“The AMP is perfect.“   
“It's great. I think I actually like it better than the TWO. “
“I received my One.3 on Monday and since I set it up, there has hardly been an hour that I've been home and not in bed that I haven't been listening to it.“
“I should also mention that I also love the way this thing looks and feels. “
“The portrayal of this amp from the first second is very clean, detailed, and outrageously paced. “
“I played the Mobile Fidelity disc through the ONE.3 and was totally astounded. “
“Very very impressive.”

In honor of Memorial Day, for the next 7 days only, you can get 15% off a ONE.3 amplifier using the discount code 4AMERICA.  Check out the new battery option as well --- it's unbelievable!

We have a limited number of ONE.3 amplifiers left.  Get yours before they are GONE.

Off the Grid for Under $500

Use your Memorial Day discount code 4AMERICA to take home the ONE.3 with 5Ah Lithium Ion pack -- for under $500 bucks. 

The pack is 1/3 the size of the amp.  It has two 24v outputs and one 24v charging inputs.  The charger is tiny.  I play mine all day and recharge at night.  It's awesome!

Being off the grid removes all power supply related noise, provides unlimited current on-demand, and any uncertainty you may have about whether you've got the best power supply for this amp.

Red Wine Audio proved for years that this topology was award-winning.

We used to charge $250 for the sealed lead-acid power supply with Soniel charger.  The new unit is priced at $149, less when added with your amplifier purchase.

Go off the grid for under $500 all-in.


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Re: Memorial Day Sale / 15% off / 4AMERICA
« Reply #1 on: 27 May 2014, 04:59 am »
A few questions came up already.

1) How does it sound compared to the 130w PSU?

The battery power has a darker, tighter presentation.  If your speakers are less than 90db efficient, you're not going to hear any noise floor anyway unless you put your head right up to the speaker.  Batteries take away most hiss and deliver what audiophiles would consider a more clinical sound.  I personally don't prefer it but many do.  Vinny Rossi would never have sold a bunch of RWA battery powered, high-end Tripath amps unless they sounded awesome, and they did and do.

2) What if I just want the PSU.  What deal you got?

I'd like the DIY cheapo folks to try this out on their TI boards and whatever, so I offered them this code which works only on the battery itself: 4AMERICADIY25  (25% off battery pack alone).  Battery will cost you $111 + shipping.

If you want an amplifier as well, don't try to get a deeper discount with this code.  I don't think the cart will allow it and I will reject your order.

With the 4AMERICA code, you can get a ONE.3 + batteries for less than $500.  That's an epic deal in the world of high-end hifi.  I have one of these systems running now with a bunch of speakers across the gamut.  It makes the good ones sound awesome and the rotten ones show their stripes.  This is a spell-binding amp and with batteries even harder to beat for the clarity, power, looks, feel, etc.

The next shipment of batteries comes at the end of this week so orders will ship next week.  The discount ends next Monday, 6/2.