Changing Balanced and Unbalanced Inputs and Outputs on NOH

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Dirt McGirt


I bought a NOH TVC a while ago that has only RCA inputs and XLR outputs (along with RCA Tape Outputs that appear to be unattenuated).  How difficult would it be to change one of the RCA inputs to XLR and add an RCA output (ideally by replacing one of the two Tape Outputs)? 

Is this something Bent Audio / John would entertain doing if possible?

Basically I would like to add at least 1 XLR input and have at least 1 RCA output since I have a subwoofer with only an RCA connection. 

Also, to ask a very naive question I'm 99% sure on, while the two XLR outputs are labeled "Main Out" and "Sub Out" I presume both outputs are full frequency and not crossed-over for main or sub use? 

Pictures below to hopefully add some detail to the above.  Thanks for any help. 

John Chapman

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Re: Changing Balanced and Unbalanced Inputs and Outputs on NOH
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Thanks for the pics - helps my memory! Sorry for the late reply.....

I think I recall that unit - since the labeling on the back panel was done custom and is a bit different than the regular units. On each channel there are 2 inputs in the chassis that are made RCA via small adapter plates. We should be able to pop in XLR jacks in those locations giving 2 XLR inputs per side.  The Tape Outputs on that unit are typically used for RCA outputs so we could re-wire those....

Generally these days I don't have time for builds and mods but honestly in this case (given how the current build is not a typical build at all) I'm not sure who else would be well positioned to do the changes.... It might take a bit of planning wiring wise to morph it back into a more standard build like you are after.

Shoot me an e-mail if you can and we can go through a few more checks then make a plan.