Kinect-no longer a Symbiotic promise

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Kinect-no longer a Symbiotic promise
« on: 14 May 2014, 01:34 am »
No so much an Audio critique, but I just wanted to open up a discussion.  We are going voice control over everything, next will be no doubt thought (Please don't make me explain how...future man's inventions will always be supernatural).  So why is M$ towing the line, and crippling their flagship hardware?  Should they have done it? 
My thoughts are that we have Sony for purely gaming on an adult level.  Nintendo for a purely family entertainment system.  Microsoft should have held out and been the AV controller, while not the most pristine 8k renderer in 5 years, Xbox One would still be a viable 1080p at 60fps (once coders did all their learned magic) gaming machine, plus our way to communicate with our peers, loved ones and heckle our rivals while watching live sports.  Plus, THE viable step to the holodeck (not VR, I want a frakking room!).   Yep, trekky at heart!


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Re: Kinect-no longer a Symbiotic promise
« Reply #1 on: 14 May 2014, 03:38 am »
Offering the xbox one without kinetic doesn't seem to be crippling it, just giving people a lower cost option.  Alternatives are good. Not everyone wants to shout and flail there arms around. Why should Sony have the old school button mashing couch potato market all to themselves?

Allowing people to access netflix etc without having to go through the Xbox live paywall is a welcome but long overdue change. If they really want people to use the xbox one as an all inclusive media center they have to reign in the urge to control and get paid for every single thing the user might want to do. You'd think by now they would have got the message.