Audio Meet and AXPONA 2019 Preview in Farmingdale NJ Saturday 3/23 at 2:00PM

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This is an open invitation to our friends on the East Coast to check out a preview of one of the systems we will be demonstrating at AXPONA this year.

Our friends at Gingko Audio will host an audiophile meet this Saturday March 23 at 2:00PM that will feature the debut of the new Lampizator Amber 2 DAC.

Gingko Audio will also unveil the new Clarissa LE two-way monitor speakers, with matching stands.

Driving the Clarissa will be three integrated amplifiers: a 100W Class D Cyrus One HD from the UK, an 8W tube TRV-A300XR Triode Corp from Japan, and a 150W solid state Wells Audio Majestic from California.

An international supporting cast of sources includes gear from Austria, Mexico, and the USA besides Poland’s Lampizator.  Cables are from Danacable and vibration control from Gingko Audio.

The audience will have a chance to compare Class D, tube and solid state technologies driving into the same speakers.

Food and drinks will be provided.

This is a preview of what will be presented in Room 1520 at AXPONA on April 12-14 in Chicago.

Space is limited so send email to Vinh Vu at ASAP to get a formal invite and directions


The more I think about the more excited I get about this system.  It will certainly shatter some expectations of what affordable audio means!


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I wished you could be here to hear the all tube system with the Amber 2 and the 8W Triode 300B int. amp driving the  Clarissa LE.
It shatters what a tube system can do for less than $10K, soup to nuts!
Can't wait to bring it to AXPONA!
Vinh Vu