Project Cars "The Ultimate Drivers Journey" (video game)

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Project Cars "The Ultimate Drivers Journey"  is a racing sim coming to PS4 in November.

Looks pretty good.

p.s. Wow, April 25th, and this is the first post of 2014 in the gaming circle.  :o


Re: Project Cars "The Ultimate Drivers Journey" (video game)
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Yep, kind of sad.  No one is very excited about the new consoles nor any new games.  I personally have played Diablo 3 on the xbox, great ambient music and game.  My brother and I are hoping the Reaper of Souls will eventually make it our console.
I plan on getting the latest generation when the games have matured and a terabyte is made available.

I haven't played a driving game in a while...but competition is always good.  By the way this title will be available on all gaming platforms, except ps3 and 360.