Do you have any new products planned?

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Do you have any new products planned?
« on: 17 Aug 2004, 01:41 pm »
What new products do you forsee (if any) in the near future?

Robert C. Schult

Do you have any new products planned?
« Reply #1 on: 18 Aug 2004, 03:00 am »
Hello Marbles and AC'ers.

Sorry so late to respond today. Saw this earlier but was on my way out of town till this afternoon. Storms came through this afternoon and we lost power here in "the woods".

New stuff? We're still bringing the Sason Ltd loudspeaker to fruition. We're back to granite cabs after going through some amateurish granite fabricators who promised the world only to get into doing what we wanted and then backing out. Unbelievable! Steve probably handled it, since this is his baby, better than me. I hit the roof and Steve handled it more diplomatically so as to not burn bridges. Me. all I could see was wasted time and energy and "...burn what bridges?" caused by an idiot who is a poser rather than a professional. Can you tell a bit of anger still comes up in me on this? Steve started to pursue different types of man-made granite and once we settled on a vender, he pulled the same crap and this was synthetic! We could do the fabricating here with synthetic but with time constraints we figured it would be more economical to have a "professional(?)" do it. Another poser.

Finally found a granite company whose cost was reasonable and...they do really nice work and...know how to work with their clients! One set of cabs are here and another, I think, is ready to be picked up. They're going to be drop dead gorgeous. I'll let Steve add here if he wants...

As for cables, I still have a few things I want to try but probably not till spring. I'm looking at doing some more affordable stuff that will give a good taste of what the Poiema!! and MSE Gen.II cabling does.

We're finally taking orders on AC Power Cords. One model, the MSE is well suited for smaller amps and front ends while the Poiema!! is better suited for larger amps. Both are meant to compete with the best available while not having to charge excessively lavish prices since we primarily sell direct. I'll be doing a tour of each of these soon. As soon as I post this, I'll be stating another post in regards to a tour of our Symphonia Master MkII cabling...

Other than that Marbles, I wish there were more days in the hour. I've really grown to appreciate the premium time is.


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Do you have any new products planned?
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Hello Robert,
    How's things in the woods... :lol: [/list:u]
      AC cable for an audition tour...I'd like to check that out :hyper: . I've got a few pieces of equipement to try it on....let me know when.[/list:u]
        The new speakers your planning....would the cabinets be similar to Green Mountain Audio cabinets ? I have Europa's here. I'm curious.... :dance: [/list:u]

Robert C. Schult

Do you have any new products planned?
« Reply #3 on: 18 Aug 2004, 03:48 am »
Steve!?  :lol:

Steve Rothermel

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The Sason Ltd loudspeaker - an update!
« Reply #4 on: 18 Aug 2004, 04:37 pm »
Lonewolf writes:
    The new speakers you're planning....would the cabinets be similar to Green Mountain Audio cabinets ? I have Europa's here. I'm curious.... :dance: [/list:u]

    Hello, AC'ers,

    Lonewolf, the cab design can be seen as a drawing here: There are minor changes (ie, the elimination of the "bump-out" in the rear and heavier chamfers on the lower corners) but as you can see it is a parallelogram with a slanted, lean-back profile.

The trip from when the release date was announced (as end-of-June) to this point has been unpredictable at best, and painful at the least. Along the way I've had to help my 81-yr old father move from his house to an apartment in another town and now his health his deteriorating rapidly. The family is coping with his dementia and catching bills that are falling through the cracks (no pun). My family is taking it hard seeing him go from our rock and teacher to the shell he is today. :cry:

After sorting out who is to do the granite work (the delays elucidated so well by Robert - see this thread) and working out a backup supplier for the granite fabrication (since it is too risky for me to begin all this without a secondary supplier), I stand back to look at all that we have done to this point and deem the final design to be better than what was originally announced. As an example of the design process: one lesson learned is that if I were to go with the fabricator that made the perfect cuts and crisp edges, I end up with a "box" that looks less attractive and is more difficult to assemble! In this case, hand work becomes more valuable and produces something more "of a piece" when assembled. I'm also finding interest from nontraditional (non-hi-fi) customers that see these as art and a beautiful focal piece in the home. That says a lot for the aesthetics to draw in people that otherwise would never spend so much for a pair of loudspeakers. The bonus is that they would never be exposed to truly highend audio and now will hear what first rate sound can do for them.

As far as the final release date - let me just say that the Sasons are nearing completion and should be ready within two months. I will not sacrifice the quality in order to meet an artificial release date. We are still setting up the assembly shop (at Ridge Street Audio) since Robert's remodeling of the building and contents. This is my only source of income and my full time job, so I am sensitive to any delays that come up between now and their release.

For those individuals patiently waiting (non-AC'ers included of course) and eager to get their hands on the Sasons - I apologize. You will not be disappointed. You will not find another loudspeaker with the same combination of assets as the Sason Ltd.