recommendations for friend in denver

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Mike D

recommendations for friend in denver
« on: 27 Feb 2014, 11:04 pm »
A friend of mine lives in Denver and is looking for advice on purchasing an integrated amp and speakers.  He took his first (long overdue) step into audiophilia by purchasing a good turntable a year ago.

Which local hifi stores offer the best help for a highly educated former musician with excellent ears?

He said his budget would be under or around $1500.

He loves the sound of tubes and vinyl.

My initial thoughts for him were along the lines of new Maggie mmgs and a used rogue or odyssey integrated but that may be out of budget and the mmgs may not fill the bill for the bass.

He has recently mentioned favorite music like Credence and Chuck berry.

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Re: recommendations for friend in denver
« Reply #1 on: 17 Mar 2014, 08:09 pm »
Got a local person interested in this system.

-- Jim
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Re: recommendations for friend in denver
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If he's firm on wanting an integrated, I have my Yamaha A-S2000 sitting here all boxed up waiting to be offered a job. This is the silver version and comes to you as new. I had used it less than 6 months before the nCore 400 amplifiers came to visit. After that I bought kits, had Mike Galusha build them for me, and boxed the Yamaha for storage. It is indistinguishable from new.
I live in Fruita, Colorado and would consider delivering to Denver or meeting halfway, say maybe Edwards or Avon. Let me know of any interest. I'm remodeling a bathroom and kitchen and could use some cash. That makes me a motivated seller.
The Yamaha will not disappoint you. It is very well built and sounds like it. Has MC/MM phono on board. Retro looks -- it is very cool.

Flash me a PM if interested.

I.Greyhound Fan

Re: recommendations for friend in denver
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I would consider a Peach Tree Decco65  Hybrid Tube/SS integrated amp/DAC and a pair of any of these- has B-stock PSB's for huge discounts, they have a pair of B-6's for $439pr and T-5's for $799pr and a Monitor Audio RX2 closeout for $649pr. 

If he is open to separates, he can get a Grant Fidelity DAC-11 tube preamp/dac  and a Class D Audio amp ( I use this combo with my MMG's and it sounds great.  The Grant will sound best with a tube upgrade to a 1960's non A-frame amprex 6DJ8 tube to  give it a more tubey and warmer sound.  They can be had for about $40.  This combo has a nice airy and dynamic sound with tight deep bass and a wide sound stage.  You probably can get both for about $900.

I own a pair of the B-6's and Monitor Audio S1's for secondary systems, great sounding speakers for the money.  The B6's are a very forgiving speaker for poorly recorded music, great bass for a Bookshelf.  The Monitor audio is more detailed.  I am sure the RX2 will have good bass with its 7" woofer. 

I also own Maggies, 1.6's and MMG's.  If he likes to play it loud, then skip the MMG's as he will need some high current higher powered amps and a sub if he likes punchy bass.


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Re: recommendations for friend in denver
« Reply #4 on: 20 Mar 2014, 04:41 pm »
There is Gold Sound on Broadway blvd & quincy.

There is also listen up, though I've never been there.

I would advise him to spend his money on speakers, get a used integrated online or craigslist. Quad 22L1 or Focal 807v would be good place to start, I think both are at Gold Sound. An intergrated for that price will be hard to do right, especially if he also needs speakers. If he is not opposed to buying from locals let me know I can show him a few pieces that might work for him, things I've gathered over the years.

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Re: recommendations for friend in denver
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There is a nice Onkyo 9555 integrated amp for sale in the Trading post here on the AC forum.  It would be a nice amp  to start with.