**SOLD**Decware Zen Torii MkIII With Upgrades and Extras - Mint Condition

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I'm liquidating my entire system and so this too must go.  This is the best sounding amp that I've had in my system.  It is a true overachiever.  It has the brilliant and engaging midrange and dynamics of a SET amp with the extra kick of a push pull.  This model has been factory upgraded with Jupiter Beeswax Caps ($300 option) and  stepped volume attenuator ($150 option).  It comes with 2 bases.  It is pictured with the molded black wood base and will come with an extra natural maple wood base ($100 option) as well.  It also comes shipped in the "bullet-proof" custom fitted pelican case ($299 option) to assure a safe transit.

The amp comes with upgraded tubes.
Power tubes:  JJ 6CA7, which I find to be one of the best with this amp.  They bring out the emotion of the music.
Input tubes: AMPEREX USA USN PQ 6922 ($100) - one of the best (read joe's tub lore), detailed, lively, and musical
                   AMPEREX orange globe holland made 6922 ($75)
Rectifier Tubes:  RCA 5U4GB - black plates, tall bottle ($64)
Voltage Regulator Tubes:  Various

The price for this setup new with all options and upgraded tubes would be well over $3700.  My asking price is $2500 plus shipping and paypal fee.  The tubes will be shipped along with the extra base in a separate box.  If you wish I can ship the amp directly to Decware in order to transfer the lifetime warranty ($75 fee) and they will look it over and then ship it to you.  While at Decware you can have it upgraded to the MK4 if you like for $450.  The normal upgrade price for MK3 to Mk4 would be $700.  Essentially, you can get a MK4 for $2950 plus shipping saving at least $500 and the months long wait for build!!  However some people like the sound of the MK3 over the MK4 but its a preference.

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Item is SOLD.