Alpha baffles update

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Alpha baffles update
« on: 12 Aug 2004, 03:30 pm »
Hey gang,

I received an email from Craig Carroll, which he okay'd to pass along.

"I will have the baffles ready to go on Monday of next week.  I don't know if
I mentioned it but I do sell the full flats kit for the Alpha Speaker which
it seems most everyone is purchasing rather than just the baffle set.

The baffles plus shipping will be $195.00 delivered using Fed-Ex ground. The
full kit will ship for $525 delivered. This will include every single cut to
size piece including all the CNC'd parts to build 2 enclosures. At any rate
let me know if you would still like to purchase either."

This 'shipped price' is to the mid South (Louisville, KY) the price may vary somewhat depending on your location.