OR5 HDMI I2S Working with Audio GD Master 7

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OR5 HDMI I2S Working with Audio GD Master 7
« on: 2 Feb 2014, 04:54 pm »
Want to thank Steve N. for his help getting the Off Ramp 5 working via HDMI I2S with my Audio GD Master 7 DAC.  I had inconsistent results with the RJ45 I2S interface that went way beyond the Off Ramp's design.  HDMI is the way to go for I2S IMO (better bass, crystal clear highs, pinpoint soundstage) that I firmly believe has all to with much lower jitter via the HDMI interface .  With some direction from Steve I designed a small HDMI adapter PCB board for the Master 7 and it works amazingly great.  And the Master 7 has never sounded better and very consistent SQ!  The Dynamo power supply is coming next week so looking forward to its arrival.  Thanks to you again Steve and for your great products.  You deserve a big shout out on this one!  Many regards and much success, Scott A