Cary sli-80 vs audio note el34 vs von Gaylord triode for sonist concerto 3

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I am in need of an amp for sonist concerto 3 (93db).
I had plan to go for 211/845 SET, but I tested the spks with 25w pp amp, and it felt weak. Plus Randy (god bless) ran a dehavilland 50 watt amp in show.
So now I want to find a 40-50w triode pp (instead of pure SET).
I narrow it down to these 3 amps. Anyone have preference for any this amp over another?
The Audio note el34 might not be triode, but its AN, so I trust their senses....
Or if any of you guys have any suggestion for other amp? (Dehavilland is a bit out of my price range, plus they dun exist used at all)


Not sure why you are ruling out SETs. I really like my Audio Mirror 45-Watt SETs with my 87dB speakers. Plenty-o-power.


Well thank you rockadanny!!! This little 90lb gem has escape my radar.
The reason I'm going for PP Triode is just the cost. This is my 3rd system!!! And to stay married, I can't drop another 3-4k on an amp.  In general PP would be cheaper.
I have yet test the limit of wife's gears' tolerant, but from the cold comments being stabbed in the back once in a while like only women can do, I think I'm close to equilibrium.
Also to minimize the loss in case I need to sell (she does ask how much I paid/sold and keep tabs), I'm really looking for used ones. Audio mirror would be kinda tough to find used.
Unless anyone here have a spare pair of 45w SET monos they are getting rid of!!!!


Not sure it helps, here are my systems...They are temporary, and I swap around the DACs alot.....

Computer Essense Xonar SPDIF out->Burson Audio HA160D->ARC VS110 w/ KT120 ~120w->Legacy Classic HD 94db
Computer Async USB->Wyred4Sound Dac2->Parasound A21 225w->Roan Audio Sever (Seas Excels tweet & woofer) 86db
Computer Async USB->Wyred4Sound Dac2->Parasound A21 lineout->Quicksilver mini mite monoblocks 25w->Sonist Concerto 3 93db


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I have used the Cary SLI-80 with four different sets of speakers, Martin Logan Aeon I, ML Vantage, Audio Physic Scorpio, and now Von Schweikert VR-22.
I have never ran out of power, all speakers I mentioned are less efficient in the at 89-91db range. I have a small room which helps reduce the power required.
I have not heard any of the other amps you mentioned.
The Cary is a very sweet amp.


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I will suggest Quicksilver Silver 88 Monos. I have had a pair for a few years. Quality products hand built in California. Point to point wiring. You can check out their products at