LS100 w/DAC vs ModWright Transporter

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LS100 w/DAC vs ModWright Transporter
« on: 11 Dec 2013, 04:29 pm »
I know the Transporter is old and does not do 192 kHz, but this seams like a natural comparison given that they use the same output tubes/rectifier.

I had my Transporter modded by Dan near the end of its cycle and I am using it with the Black Treasure tubes. I still think its pretty awesome and sounds better than my Sony/ModWright 9000ES that I use for SACD. But, I am thinking about the LS100/DAC combo. Obviously you can't do wifi with the LS100, but that is not a big deal. Current my Transporter is wired anyway.

Anyone have comments about these two components.
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