PC Game Controller

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PC Game Controller
« on: 4 Aug 2004, 08:13 pm »
I just bought my very first game for my PC, Farcry. I don't want to go the old keyboard and mouse route to play it. Can anyone reccomend a good game controller?

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PC Game Controller
« Reply #1 on: 4 Aug 2004, 08:47 pm »
Nothing beats a good optical mouse. Partcularly for FPS. Bite the bullet and give it a shot.

I like the Logitech over the MS mice. Also get a good pad, like a RatPadz, mouse surface.

I've tried several controlers (Thrustmaster, Nostromo, others) and they're more trouble than they are worth. They don't even work with most games. What's really sad is they still sell these controllers, but have not added game profiles for them in years.

Anyway, give the mouse a shot. It's by far the preferred method.



PC Game Controller
« Reply #2 on: 4 Aug 2004, 09:15 pm »
Get a Nostromo Belkin Speedpad and use it in conjunction w/ an OPTICAL mouse.  Can't be beat for FPS, etc.  GREAT unit.

For sports games, I like to use a traditional controller. . .and that's it.

Have a wheel and joystick w/ pedals--strictly use these for racing games and flight simulators respectively.