Audio Nirvana!

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Bob Grega

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Audio Nirvana!
« on: 4 Aug 2004, 03:31 am »
Yes I have arrived....due to my newly acquired Bent Audio mc step-up device. I've made many new audio purchases throughout the years and the Bent mc step-up has made the most dramatic improvement to my system than any other. I've lived with the unit in my system for the past three weeks listening to mostly classical music, I strive to try to have my system transform me to the concert hall, an impossible task I know in the home, adding the mc step-up has brought more "weight" to the music especially the piano, solo piano music is a very good test for a system because it covers the whole audio spectrum, if you can get the piano right, all the rest of the music will be right!
The mc step-up disappears as it does it's magic to your front end.Thank you John Chapman!
   :D Bob Grega