Off-Ramp 5 w/Dynamo Power supply into the W4S Dac 2 DSDse

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Steve -
Since my last post on the W4S dac2 I have been pretty busy making changes.  I have since upgraded the W4S DAC 2 to the DAC2 DSDse.  I have also added the Empirical Audio Dynamo power supply.  I am running the dac with the OR5 with all upgrades via I2S using the Revelation Audio Labs custom HDMI/I2S cable.  The sound is so improved that I can't even think of the words to describe it accurately.  Here goes, the sound stage is wide and transparent.  The sound is so dynamic like I personally have never experienced before.  There is so much fine detail since adding the Dynamo power supply.  You quoted a 30% increase adding the dynamo over the wall wart, I can tell you in my system, it is at least 65% improvement! 

Since adding the OR5 and Dynamo power supply, I can truly say I have entered the reference sounding environment/system!

Thanks again Steve for a great product! Well Done! :D