Your HI-FI Just Died!

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Your HI-FI Just Died!
« on: 4 Nov 2013, 01:14 am »
I did not kill it but I am sure some people will.
I came across this room At TAVES called LIBRATONE.

I walked in and said Hi with smile. :D
Two ladies in the room said Hi with smile. :D
I started looking around and all I could see was the empty room with a table and there were two items on the table. One ipad and

Then I saw two Espresso makers at the end of the room and thought to myself, oh boy I think I am in the wrong room and when I turned around to leave the room, one of the ladies asked me If I would like to listen to something. :o :o :o :o :o
I asked, but where is the system? And she pointed me the picture above and handed me the little catalog and said this is all you need and you only need one. While I was listening to music I was reading the booklet and on the cover it said:
You do not need a music store.
You do not need a CD player.
You do not need a wire.
You do not need  an amplifier.
You do not need a radio.
You do not need yesterday.
And when I think about this and look at myself:
Well I buy music all the time.
I do have a CD player. (transport+ DAC)
I need a lot of wires to run the system.
I have 4 amps, preamp, electronic crossover.
I never owned a radio.
True, because I am dead. :thumb:
At the end they told me if I buy this toy(I should say)at the show, they would give me a free Espresso Maker as a gift. :wtf:


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Re: Your HI-FI Just Died!
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 Me too.................. :wtf:  :lol: