Could the NuFORCE MCP-18 Multi-Channel Preamp be (one of) the best preamps. . .

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John Casler

Could the NuFORCE MCP-18 Multi-Channel Preamp be (one of) the best preamps sonically and for versatility under $1000?  Or maybe at any price?
There has been much discussion regarding the NuFORCE MCP-18 Preamp and why it has an enormous potential.
I thought it might be interesting to list and discuss some of the points.
1) No Digital Circuits to degrade the sound
2) No Video Circuits to degrade the sound
3) Audiophile Grade Switching
4) Non-Inverting Op-Amp output circuit
5) Balanced circuit is created with Op-Amps to have no phase-delay.
6) Balanced output muting with transistors circuit.
7) Each channel can be individually attenuated (.05dB steps) to match speaker sensitivity
8.) Individual channel balancing
9) Low noise linear power supply with toroidal transformer
10)Trigger output with delay 10 sec.
11) The 2 channel Volume Control is the MUSES72320, which is considered one of the finest Volume Controls of it's kind, and used in some of the most expensive 2 Channel Preamps. (like the $16,500 XP-30 statement preamplifier from Pass Labs, or the $5000 NuFORCE P-20)


1) Ideal for the marriage of the 2 Channels Audio, Multichannel Audio, and Quality Home Theater Systems
2) Has Pair of XLR inputs for Audiophile level 2 channel sound
3) Has Dual (two sets) Analog 7.1 inputs perfect for mating with a 7.1 Bluray Player
4) Has the ability to BI-AMP the L&R Speakers in a two channel system, also with .5dB adjustments.
5) Has the ability to drive a Subwoofer in a two Channel (2.1) System used in the same way as Bi-amping Diagram.
6) Has a full set of 7.1 XLR Outputs (including the Sub Channel)
7) Has a full set of 7.1 Single Ended RCA Outputs (including the Sub Channel)

This is a tool with significant flexibility, adjustability, and sound quality.

HERE is additional information and specifications on the MCP-18.

HERE are the instructions and diagram for Bi-amping your front Mains, and also for adding a Subwoofer in a 2.1 set up.

Participating NuFORCE Dealers will be offering an MCP-18 Incentive Program to get this Preamp out in the field, since many don't even know it exists. It bundles quite well with the Brand NEW MCA-20 (278wpc x 8.) Multi-channel Amp.

As well, when combined with AVP-18 you get TOTAL PrePro Processing, HDMI Video Switching, and Dual 7.1 Analog Ins and XLR Outs, for far less that many Mid-Fi and HiFi PrePros.

Check with me, or your local NuFORCE Dealer to find out what Promo we will be running on these bundles.
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