Guidelines - Please Read

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Guidelines - Please Read
« on: 1 Aug 2013, 04:28 pm »
Welcome to the Music and Video Swap Meet at AudioCircle.
Thank you for taking a minute to read this guide.

The Swap Meet is for regular members to buy and sell.  Member must have two approved posts in the general circles to be able to list an item for sale.  The Swap Meet is intended for one of, used, personal items that you wish to sell. It is also wise to promote your item as best you can.  Here are some good ideas to help your sale:

Individual for sale items must list an asking price.  Listing the location or zip code is highly recommended.  A buyer may be right around the corner.  Plus a buyer can get an idea of shipping costs if he knows the location.  More.

In the subject line please use a title that accurately reflects the item for sale (no teasers or mystery attention getters).

Please update your item listing when it is sold by modifying the title of the original post.  Do not erase the ad.  Old ads help other sellers set a selling price.

Please do not provide just a link to auctions at other web sites.  A detailed ad here with a link is ok.

Posting a link to a review is also helpful.  Please do not paste a copy the review here.  An excerpt is ok.

AudioCircle manufacturers can post any sales, deals, promotions in their respective Circles or Industry Ads.

Outside dealers/manufacturers or people in the industry may post any sales, deals, promotions in the Industry Ads.
The Industry Ads circle is for dealers that do not have a circle of their own but wish to inform browsers of their products/services for sale.  The Industry talk circle is where outside dealers/manufacturers may discuss their audio related products.  Please visit the rules and guidelines stickies in Rules 'n' Stuff

Keep replies to adds positive for the seller.  Posts like:  "your price is too high" or "this music sucks" may be removed.  Sellers may contact me to remove any off topic or negative posts in their sales thread.  Negotiating or offers should be done through private messages or email.

Anything posted for sale here must be legal.  No burned CD-Rs of copyrighted material, no Hard Drives containing Wav.files, MP3, or any other type of music files that are copyrighted.  For reasons of liability we will err on the side of removing ads of questionable legality.

1.  Weekly bumps are permitted.
2.  Changes in pricing are a permitted bump at anytime.  No, one dollar reductions are not acceptable and will be considered a bump.
3.  Violations will result in the whole thread moved to the waste bin.
If you need to bump your ad perhaps you should consider lowering your price.

Lastly, buying and selling over the net has risk involved.  You may lose part or all of your investment.  Checking other web sites feedback and calling the seller is recommended.  AudioCircle will not be responsible for bad trades and sales.

If a transaction goes bad there is nothing AudioCircle can do.  Here are a few suggestions that you can do.
- Contact the police in the perpetrators city.  Certain dollar mounts may be considered a felony.
- Keep all information.  Emails, copies of checks, money orders, paypal records, tracking numbers, etc.
- File a complaint with the shipping company and the financial institution that handled the transaction.
- File a complaint with
- Contact and file a complaint with the better business bureau in your and the sellers state.

Thanks for your cooperation,


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Re: Guidelines - Please Read
« Reply #1 on: 2 Aug 2013, 06:21 am »
Please update your item listing when it is sold by modifying the title of the original post.  Do not erase the ad.  Old ads help other sellers set a selling price.

And a request : PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't put "SOLD" over your original or lowered asking prices!  Some gear hoarders like me really value pricing information!