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Dave's Cables by DaveC113
« on: 2 Jul 2013, 01:03 pm »
I had purchased a standard IC (Dave I) and was really taken by them.  I like the SQ of the OCC wire and already having an example in my system was intrigued by Dave's.  After some time on the Dave I,  I found the SQ exceeded another OCC cable that I had in place. I sent Dave a ping for another IC and Dave was nice enough the offer audition of the Dave II.

Dave I
The signature of the cable is clarity and image focus.  It is like the fuzz is removed from the edges.  On first listen I thought he bass was diminished, but it was in reality just tighter.  This became even more so after some time on the cables.  They just got cleaner and tighter.  Voice is presently nicely and pace an tone are right on.  Cassandra Wilson, James Taylor, Sade,  the tone and warmth of the mids and treble are very good and clear as a bell.  A caveat is I have monitor speakers that go pretty low for monitors, but they are monitors.  All of the bass is there, an example is Cassandra Wilson, Loverly, The Very Thought of you. If you don't have any Cassandra Wilson in your collection, you are really missing out.  Piano is done very well, no stridency or muddiness. Keith Jarrett, Kohln Concert is a beautiful thing. 

Dave II
Everything the Dave I does, the Dave II does better.  This is not night and day, but clearly better in every way.  The noise floor is lower and has even more clarity, liveliness, tone, note decay... Everything is just better. On Cassandra Wilson. Loverly, Dust My Broom, the lead in drum and transition to the bass, the guitar! Off the chain!. Another example, James Taylor, Nearness of You, Don't Let Me be Lonely Tonight. The warmth and tone of his voice is right on.

I really like the Dave I, but the Dave II is in another league.  Benz and AMG, both good, but....

I thank Dave for the opportunity to audition the Dave II IC, which I have purchased.  I definitely want give a listen to the higher power speaker cables when available.  The cost to performance ratio of his offerings is way off the scale.

My system
Amp             Odyssey Khartago mono's ++
Pre              Response Audio Bella-Max(Purity One prototype)
DAC             NorthStar M192
Transport    NorthStar M192
Speaker      Salk HT1   
Phono         Heed Quasar
TT               Thorens TD-125 MKII
IC                Source to pre - Soundstring
IC                Pre to amp - Dave II - replacing Dave I
IC                Phono to pre - Clarity Cable - Harvest
SP               Coz bi-wire
Cassandra Wilson, Loverly
Michael Brecker, Nearness of You
Sade, Lovers Rock
Keith Jarrett, Kohln Concert
Tord Guvstavsen, The Ground