Bamberg visiting next month - any interest in GTG for S5tmw?

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I don't see many recent posts from DAM.  I am visiting Colorado around July 20-27, and wonder if there is any interest in organizing a get together to audition the Bamberg Series 5 MTW.  Could leave them at a member's house the entire week, plus hold a formal demo in person on one day. 


Hi Phil!

My schedule currently appears a bit too tight for me to offer hosting duties (and I'm slowly building an active system and thus don't have a standard pre-amp to drive it anyway), but I wanted to at least acknowledge the post and perhaps bump it enough to draw the attention of others that might be better able to demo the Series 5 TMW.

I do make a point of visiting your room at RMAF every year and consistently enjoy what I hear.  I hope someone is able to take you up on your generous offer!


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You have a pm.



I hope you guys have a chance to demo these speakers. They are world class, IMO.