SOLD - California Audio Labs System One DAC

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SOLD - California Audio Labs System One DAC
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Made in 1992 and originally selling for $1995, the CAL System 1 was the high end digital analog processors of that time. The sound of the unit could be customized with four different plug-in modules. This unit comes with the $200 MASH IV 1-bit, 32x oversampling module and the $650 Indus 20-bit, 8x oversampling module.

This DAC won't win any beauty contests, the face plate has a scratch, the decorative Corian side panels are missing and you no longer have to worry about marring the sheet metal lid.

The MASH IV module no longer seems to work but luckily the expensive and preferred Indus module still works perfectly, the sound is crisp and clear. I preferred this DAC over other affordable DAC's I have heard in my system, it was finally replaced with a Van Alstine Insight+ DAC.

The complete Stereophile review by Thomas J. Norton from the August 1992, Vol. 15, No. 8,  issue can be read at the link below:

Price: $125.00 plus shipping (about $45) Payment by PayPal will add 3.5%. Shipping to CONUS only.

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SOLD - FS: California Audio Labs System One DAC
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