Interchange Ethernet interface is alive

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Re: Interchange Ethernet interface is alive
« Reply #20 on: 12 Jun 2017, 01:04 am »
Great news, thanks.  I have started shipping some Ethernet renderer interfaces in the ODSX DAC so I will let these customers know.  I can also build the Interchange Ethernet renderer, with one caveat:

Unfortunately, the Ethernet renderer has one issue right now:  it must be powered first and then the Ethernet cable plugged in.  Not sure why this is happening, maybe the Hynes power supplies coming up in different order.  I am looking at work-arounds.  IF the customer has no problem with this, I can ship the Interchange Renderer to them.  I don't plan to do a large build of the interface yet, until I have a good resolution to the cable plug issue.

I compared it to my best XMOS USB interface and the SQ is identical, so this is great news. It means that customers don't have to worry about SQ differences with different USB/computers or driver availability for USB on different OS's.  As long as the playback app supports it, it will work on any platform and sound identical I believe, unlike USB.  This is why I wanted to change to Ethernet.

Steve N.

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