Electra tube connector installation instructions.

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Re: Electra tube connector installation instructions.
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Off topic question Danny, are you running the Folsom amp off a 12V battery? If so did you compare it to the Folsom power supply?  I have the Folsom power supply but have considered modifying it for battery power.  I seem to recall Folsom stating that you need 19 volts to get the best out of it but I don’t currently have a good 24vdc charging solution.


I A/B compared the Folsom amp on a battery and on the power supply. I also still power a pair of mono-blocks using that same chip using a battery.

With the Folsom amp I got a little bit better sound from the battery.

My problem with plugging anything into the wall is how different any device can sound with different power cables and power conditioning. 

And then whatever combination works best here at my house my not be the best combination when I go to a show.

And the best sound that I got with the Folsom amp on the power supply used a pricey power cable to an Uber Buss, to another pricey power cable, to a Dodd Audio balanced power supply, then another pricey power cable. There was almost $3,000 worth of gear in front of it. And then I got better sound from a $220 100 amp hour Power Sonic battery.

And the 14 volt power from the battery gave up nothing to the higher voltage power supply. The power levels and output were about the same. 


Re: Electra tube connector installation instructions.
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Thanks Danny, I still have a couple of the Powersonic 100ah batts, I think I will give it a shot.

I didn’t realize this was a sticky thread, feel free to remove my off topic posts.


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Re: Electra tube connector installation instructions.
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Just to be clear, are you running Jeremy's amp or the Chinese TDA 7297 pair that you modded?   Although they both use the same chip, one runs on 12V and the other on  20+V