The Bugle is.... kinda awesome with support.

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The Bugle is.... kinda awesome with support.
« on: 30 Nov 2012, 02:10 am »
I finally did probably my last upgrade to my Bugle.

The power supply is a Hagtech. The design doesn't have any fault I could consider compensating. I used FC panny caps and high tolerance resistors. The real advantage is the 12ga wire going into a quality power conditioner.

The Bugle was built with Caddock TF series as the input resistors. I would of went Nude Vishay but price concerns and availability held me back. Everything after that is a Kiwame resistors. The Kiwame are known for their warm sound and that is what I wanted for Vinyl. But up until yesterday I left the film capacitors stock as recommended in the Bugle manual. The Power Caps are FC pannies...  Well I finally decided to invest in some film capacitors that are in the signal path (C1, C4). I bought some Obbligato Gold's (loved them in speaker install and other things, reviews rate them way higher than their price and I concur). Cheap on sale through Parts Connexion.

Wow. Talk about opening up a modest Vinyl playback into something that has a frightening good presence for the individual singers and instruments. Veil lifted... I could never recommend the upgrade enough! The only downside is the PCB holes are too small for the capacitor leads so I attached them directly to Kiwame resistor legs. The benefit is not even fully realized since there is only two hours on the capacitors and in my experience they become even more inviting with some more time.

The very basic design of the Bugle may not exactly rival the most expensive Hagtech devices, but if you let the simple circuit with quality opamps breath, you get an extremely musical presentation. I was expecting some cleaned up imaging, not making myself confused to the quality of some lesser recordings. Along with power conditioning it certainly isn't to be trifled with.

I'd love to try some other kits out there like Peter Daniels (who I have a lot of faith in), but at this point I'm very impressed as I listen to the body of a piano ring.


Re: The Bugle is.... kinda awesome with support.
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Freakishly improved separation...


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Re: The Bugle is.... kinda awesome with support.
« Reply #2 on: 28 Dec 2012, 02:28 am »
I think I should send you a commission. I just did the Caddock/Obbligato mod and, like you said, 'wow'! It does open it up.

My build uses PRP and Holco resistors, with Orange Drop/Panny FM cap's, as well as the Hagerman PS. Wiring is Cardas
enameled litz.


Re: The Bugle is.... kinda awesome with support.
« Reply #3 on: 30 Dec 2012, 08:24 pm »
I'm going to replace the input resistors with these next. I'd love to do the whole board but these lose quality over certain values that are too high (a few are too high on the Bugle).  Plus it'd start to add up. But I'm going to use these on the input too my amplifier as well. I just hear such good things about them spanking everything else. But even so I've been very happy with the Caddocks. My big complaint is that now I can hear how much I need to do some modifications to my turntable!

I also recently cut off all the plastic from the capacitors on both boards. I'm not sure how much it did, but it may of made a softer sound. I sort of just use a pocket knife and move it up and down to slice the length wise, then cut the top and bottom remaining parts with the tip. After that it just tanks a yank while holding the capacitor still.

Either way I've been playing my laptop at super low volumes (mechanical and software) through the Bugle while it is off, in order to burn in the capacitors. They really start to sound sweeter after some burn in; so you got something to look forward too.

The one thing that makes my unit also separate itself a lot from others is that it is backed by an amazing power conditioner!

Have you compared yours to other units? I'm not convinced that with the simple improvement on parts you can find anything nearly as good for any sort of remotely comparable price range. You'd have to double the price to get close. The Bugles big downfall would be noise, distortion, coming in from the power since it has nothing to reject it in the most basic of basic designs. It is an extremely pure design if you look at the simplicity. It sort of banks on the theory of power being distinct and clean. When used with batteries that is true, but I prefer active power.