Scored a LaserActive deck tonight!

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Scored a LaserActive deck tonight!
« on: 9 Jun 2004, 07:29 am »

A friend of mine decided that his LD collection & LD player needed to go as he's not used them in years. I said I'd be interested in the player as I'd wanted one like his for years, and had never gotten around to buying one.

His LD player was a Pioneer CLD-A100. Which is the only LDP built that was a home gaming system. It played LaserActive games. And if you had the Sega or NEC pac's it'd play Genesis/Mega LD/Sega CD or TurboGrafx/Turbo CD/LD ROM_2 games.

I thought he just had the deck & the Sega pac. Turns out he had the NEC pac as well (with the original box! :o ). Not only that, but there was about a dozen or so LaserActive/Mega LD/LD ROM_2 games he had as well.

I asked him what he wanted for all of it. He said he didn't want anything for them. :o Even after I tried pointing out that while most of the discs weren't worth anything but some of the stuff was worth $, he still didn't want anything.

Upon checking eBay real quick, it seems the LaserActive stuff is still kinda spendy. The NEC pac is $150-$200. One of the 3-D games looks to go for about $150. And some of the other games aren't cheap either ($75+).

Might have to go pick him up a bottle of Dom...