MC Head Amp

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MC Head Amp
« on: 31 Aug 2012, 09:10 pm »
Hi, a few years back, I bought a prototype Veron with 6922 type valves to be used with my Musicmaker III or Dynavector DV20xh. You can use internal jumpers for use with an output MC. The load is set to 470 ohm. I've just ordered a Denon DL-301 ii which I hope to receive shortly as I've been dying to try a LOMC. I've read it sounds good with a load greater than 400 ohms so I'm hoping it will sound good with my Veron.

However I've read using a Step Up Transformer (SUT) makes the sound much more alive and dynamic but I also read it can be hit and miss getting a good match. I've looked at a few on the net and they all appear to be very expensive.

As an alternative I was wondering if Paul was still making the Veron MC Head Amp?
Would using the Head Amp be better than using the internal jumpers? How does it compare with an SUT?
Does it offer flexibility in terms of load or gain?  I'd like a keeper as I can't afford to be upgrading gear all the time.
Would it be compatible with my old style Veron with 6922 type valves?
How much does it cost?
Are the valves it uses widely available and they reasonably priced?     


Paul Hynes

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Re: MC Head Amp
« Reply #1 on: 1 Sep 2012, 01:26 pm »
Hi Mick,

I still make Valve MC head amps to order.

In answer to your questions :-

Sorry, I am not familiar with the performance of current MC transformer offerings so I am not qualified to judge them against the Veron valve MC head amp.

The input stage of your MM phono stage is a hybrid FET/VALVE cascode and it can be adjusted to provide enough gain for most MC cartridges. This topology was chosen to keep the cost down as it reduces the number of gain stages required to amplify MC cartridges. The input stage has to cope with different bias settings for MM or MC operation and this forces a compromise. I much prefer the unit set up for MM and driven by the Valve MC stage to provide the extra gain. Each stage is properly optimised then.

Input loading and gain can be adjusted if required so adjustment for different cartridges is possible.

It will work well with the Veron that you have already as long as it remains set for MM cartridges.

I have not made any MC head amps for a while, as I have been too busy with power supplies to promote them, so I will have to check the costing as material costs have increased in this time. It will cost somewhere in the region of £600 to £800. If this is within your budget I will assess the actual cost for you.

The MC stage uses 4 off 6922 or equivalents.



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Re: MC Head Amp
« Reply #2 on: 1 Sep 2012, 04:47 pm »
Cheers Paul, thanks for the swift reply. I thought it may be around that price, so I'll get saving up. It's the flexibility (and obviously the sound quality) which will stand me in good stead for further LOMC purchases down the years.
I'll get back to you when funds allow,


Re: MC Head Amp
« Reply #3 on: 2 Sep 2012, 05:43 am »
Hi Mick
I also have one of Paul's mm/mc phono stages
I'm doing the same thing. For now using the mc stage on the veron with a denon 103 ..sounds pretty good  :thumb: