Grungebuster dots

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Grungebuster dots
« on: 17 Aug 2012, 07:43 pm »
I decided to order some of these the other day. Steve being the kind of guy he is shipped them out the same day. I would like to start by saying I have never bought anything from Steve that I did not think was a worthwhile product, and cost effective. The Grungebuster dots I think are the biggest bang for the buck of anything I have ever tried in my almost 40 years in audio.

When they arrived I started listening to some music (as my attention span is not good :green:) then I put four dots between my equipment rack and one shelf. And listened again. I was to say the least quite surprised, the micro detailing increased significantly. The clarity of everthing was better. It is hard to believe that just one shelf has yielded these results. Very nice for $4.00 worth of goods.

Well I am off to do the rest of the shelves.


P.S after listening to the setup a few days I am very pleased. The rack is a SolidSteel brand rack, and things sound so much better. I am listening to "Friday Night in San Francisco" Al di Meola. A live recording, the detailing is better, and you feel like you are at the venue where this live recording was made. I am very happy. YMMV
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