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« on: 3 Aug 2012, 12:56 pm »
This 50 CD boxed set is a fabulous deal for those of you who love choral music.  Great recordings from DECCA and DG all around. 

Dave G

Re: Magnificat-500-years-of-choral-masterworks
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Thanks for the recommendation!


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« Reply #2 on: 4 Aug 2012, 12:51 am »
Nice :thumb:

I couldn't see the track listing on the amazon page so here it is:



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Just ordered this. Thanks to John for that listing and to woodsyi for posting.  Can't wait to see this boxed set. 


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They need to sell this stuff in digital format ...
So tempting ...


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« Reply #5 on: 4 Aug 2012, 04:01 am »
That's a greatest hits collection of choral music, great for beginning collectors. I think I may have too many CDs, because I have virtually all those works, some in multiple performances, excepting perhaps some of the odds and ends on the final disc.

I think I saw only one Haydn mass listed there. All six of his late masses should be in the collection of
every classical collector. All six are towering masterpieces.  H. C. Robbins Landon, the great Mozart and Haydn scholar, thought that the "Nelson Mass" is arguably Haydn greatest work. In particular, my favorite may be the "Mass in Time of War" in the Kings College Choir performance, but the CD transfer is second-rate. I have three or four back up performances in better sound.  The first six masses are much earlier works, but like almost all of Haydn's music, they are pretty wonderful, too.

Masses nos. 9–14 form a group: each was composed by Haydn for the Esterházy family, to celebrate the name day (12 September) of Princess Maria Hermenegild, the wife of Prince Nikolaus II and a friend of the composer.[2] The composition of these masses was Haydn's principal duty to his old employers at this time of his career.
No. 9 in B flat major: 'Missa sancti Bernardi von Offida', also known as the 'Heiligmesse' (H. 22/10) (1796)
No. 10 in C major: 'Missa in tempore belli' ('Mass In Time of War'), also known as the 'Paukenmesse' ('Kettledrum Mass') (H. 22/9) (1796)
No. 11 in D minor: 'Missa in Angustiis' ('Mass in Troubled Times'), also known as the 'Nelson Mass' (H. 22/11) (1798)
No. 12 in B flat major: 'Theresienmesse' (named for the Maria Theresa of the Two Sicilies) (H. 22/12) (1799)
No. 13 in B flat major: 'Schöpfungsmesse' ('Creation Mass') (H. 22/13) (1801)
No. 14 in B flat major: 'Harmoniemesse' ('Wind-band Mass') (H. 22/14) (1802).