Unbalanced output adapter to balanced

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Unbalanced output adapter to balanced
« on: 1 Aug 2012, 04:31 pm »
I'll soon make the following unbalanced to balanced IC for the Ncore: RCA male to XLR male

I plan to bring the Ncore around to some bass and guitar players to audition.  If the MI preamp source has no XLR output, it will likely be 1/4" tip/sleeve jack (AKA "phone" jack in the bad ole days of analog phone switch board operators ala Andy Griffith Show). 

For the above described unbalanced output do you agree the best option is a 1/4" phone to female RCA adapter at the MI line output, connected to my RCA to XLR IC, which then plugs into the Ncore mono bloc?   (Rather than an unbalanced IC connected to an XLR adapter at the Ncore.)

Can't wait to hear world-class arch tops and flat tops through the Ncore mono.  In some cases the speaker will be Duke LeJeune's AudioKinesis Thunderchild A/F (acoustic friendly).     

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