Walker audio - Accessories/ herbie's feet

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Walker audio - Accessories/ herbie's feet
« on: 8 May 2012, 03:13 pm »
I tried the following in my system for about a week and I am loving it:

1. High def links mark iii on speaker binding posts
2. Valid point disks
3. Talisman

The sound is cleaned up and the bass is firmer

I also picked up herbie's feet to try them under the speaker - though I preferred the walker points over herbie's feet - I am keeping herbie's feet under the speaker stand spikes and moved the walker audio points over or under the rest of the components as walker audio valid points are much more versatile in their use and heavier ... They can be used for damping by placing them over a component or under a component for vibration control.

I love them and observe a very clear and clean positive improvement ...

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