New waveguide vs. old horn?

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Re: New waveguide vs. old horn?
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Is it true that these cd type speakers have potentially the biggest payoff but are more sensitive to room?

(Abe, those are some beautiful speakers)

Not sure about that but my speakers "path" before arriving here was:

Bose (don't we all he,he) --> Canton --> Paradigms -->Big and small Bozaks -->Martin Logans(Aerius, Aeons, Ascent) --> Magnepans --> Linkwitz Orions(up to rev 3.2) ---> Altec OB's using 604's(still enjoy this one)--> present.


Re: New waveguide vs. old horn?
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    To me, the cabs are too small ( for the 15" LF driver) and the sound is flat.  As I understand, there's a lot of compensation in the XO.  You have to have the cabs positioned higher to get a fuller sound and I think the horns are too small too as the sound definitely changes (on HF) from when you are sitting down and to that of when you are standing up, not to mention that the cabs when placed on the floor without the aid of any stand, is too low as the soundstage seems to be be "below the knees".                                                                   

I agree these sound best up off the floor, I wish they didnt require stands but truth is they wernt designed that way. Wayne reccomends a 15" stand with 6 degree incline. They are a totally different animal with 15" stand, I built these as test mules.


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Re: New waveguide vs. old horn?
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are more sensitive to room?
Quite the opposite...


Re: New waveguide vs. old horn?
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Quite the opposite...

My understanding (just getting into this type of speaker) is that they are not as sensitive to room interactions if you toe them in to where they cross a couple/few feet in front of the listener (45 degrees, so basically directly out of a corner).
My room is set up on the diagonal where my back is to a corner and I'm looking into a corner, so I have mine set up toed out to where they cross just behind me. This is because the walls taper away from the speakers, if you can imagine the speakers straddle a corner. It works well for me.


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Re: New waveguide vs. old horn?
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Quite the opposite...

Yes, one of the big selling points with CD speakers is that you don't have to invest in all of those expensive and unsightly room treatments.  Of course my room treatments are neither unsightly nor expensive, but that's the argument. 


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Re: New waveguide vs. old horn?
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Here is my recent Pi4 build, very pleased with results. Certainly learned some things in the process if you decide to proceed give me a pm.

I've got all the same drivers and built up crossovers from a 3Pi project that just need a couple component changes.  Had the stuff sitting in a closet for almost two years... I've got to get some cabinets built!  Really liked the sound of the 3Pi (mine were Eminence/B&C), but need the smaller size of the 4Pi.


Re: New waveguide vs. old horn?
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Nice, guys!!  Really enjoying all of the great pics.  Terrific stuff.

Josh, my wife is on me to simplify the system so she (we) can use it for movies and the heading down a passive-system path.

Active is THE way to go...especially using something like Audiolense which corrects for FR and phase for ultimate sound quality.  One of the tradeoffs is that you need 6 channels of amplification for a 3-way stereo setup and a computer to run the convolution.  I've been down the DEQX path before and it was OK, but Audiolense is significantly better (imo) and it opens up the possibility to use a LOT of pro-audio DACs.  BUT you need a moderately powerful computer dedicated to running the convolution in real-time.  Its hard(ish) to integrate movie / TV watching.

I just wanted / needed something simpler and a new project is a bonus.