Daedalus Da-rma in near field setting

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Daedalus Da-rma in near field setting
« on: 4 Mar 2012, 01:00 am »
I've a small listening space about 17x13 feet. Due to the furniture arrangement I can only place the speakers about 2 feet from the side and back walls and 6 feet apart from each other in a equilateral triangle position. How suitable are the Darmas for such restricted situation and nearfield setting? Do they driver integrates well listening nearfield?

I mostly listen to classic/indie rock - some of the rock genre being quite diverse includes emphasis on vocal and acoustic instruments not just crunchy electric guitar. How are the Da-rma performs for such music genre? I hear how good they are for vocal/jazz/acoustic stuff but heard nothing about their rock music performance. Which daedalus is more suitable for rock music?

Any input will be really appreciated.  :)


Re: Daedalus Da-rma in near field setting
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Like you, I listen to a variety of classic/indie/prog/folk rock music from the 60's through today. No jazz, no classical, no metal and no Black Sabbath style hard rock. To give you an idea, some of the new bands I listen to are The Decemberists, Death Cab for Cutie, Arcade Fire, The New Pornogrpahers. I also like the Beatles, Doors, Clapton, Tom Petty, Procul Harum, Yes, U2, The Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane/Starship, CSN, Neil Young, Neko Case, Wilco, ELO, etc. I have the DA-1.1s with the AP crossover. I also have a large room. I love the speakers. They throw a wide and deep soundstage with excellent imaging, dynamics and detail. Vocals and accoustic intstruments sound natural and real. I bought the Da-1.1s because the off set tweeters provide a wide sweet spot. All of Lou's speakers are excellent for acoustic instruments and vocals.

I have heard the DA-Rma's at Lou's and in a couple of rooms at RMAF and they do a great job with all kinds of rock music. You might want to check out Lou's newest model, the Athena.



Re: Daedalus Da-rma in near field setting
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I'm only guessing but I see no reason why they wouldn't at 6'.


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Re: Daedalus Da-rma in near field setting
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I do not think you will have any trouble but I would give Lou a call to discuss. I've got the larger DA-1.1's in the same exact size room with the speakers 18" from the long wall behind them with the speakers 7.5 feet apart and my ears about 9 feet away. Not exactly near field but sitting pretty darn close. No issues with driver integration. Now it sounds like you may be seated a little closer than I am so I would check with Lou as he has heard his speakers in many different set ups. Good luck to you!


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Re: Daedalus Da-rma in near field setting
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I'll chime in about speaker placement, as my room is a bit different as well. I'm using DA1.1s, like the other folks who have chimed in. My main listening area is 14 x 25 and opens into a larger space. Due to to other room constraints, I have to have my speakers against the long wall, and I've pulled them out about 2 ft from the rear wall, so I listen 'sort of' near-field (about 9 ft away). I think DA 1.1s peform excellently in my room. My thread is located here, if you want a little more info: 


Which daedalus is more suitable for rock music?

I'm not going to claim to be the most experienced in all the Daedalus models to answer this question. But, IMO, the DA 1.1s would REALLY perform great with your musical tastes as well. Moreso than some of his other speakers, these have a very slight added warmth in the midrange that will really work well with rock, classic rock, vocal music, acoustic instruments. I have not heard the Da-Rma, so take it for what it's worth.