Behringer DCX2496 EVS Mod

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Behringer DCX2496 EVS Mod
« on: 1 Mar 2012, 07:58 pm »
My modified Behringer DCX2496 has allowed me to optimize my 3-way speaker systems with tri-amping and equalization. 

On my Emerald Physics CS-2.3 I was able to replace the internal crossover with the Behringer and a third amplifier.  The improvement was amazing – much greater instrument separation and tonality.  I also tried the digital input with streamed music and CD flac files from my “music box” computer which bypassed the external DAC, preamp and Behringer input stage – the musicians were in the room!  I adjusted volume in the digital domain in the computer.  I plan to build a remote controlled 6 channel analog volume control after the Behringer to allow it to run at maximum bit resolution.

I am currently using the Behringer on my winter home speaker system which consists of Hornshoppe “Horns” and “Cube” subwoofer and most recently ESS Great Heil tweeters.  I have a DIY parafeed SE 12B4 amp on the Horns and a Tripath amp on the Heils.  The room and drivers needed considerable equalization, but the Behringer was up to the task.  The sound is so vibrant and real!  Before the Behringer and triamping with the Heils the sound was just ok.

The Stock Behringer DCX2496 was the weak link in my system so I had Ric Shultz of EVS upgrade it as follows:
1.   Replace balanced inputs/outputs with quality RCA jacks.
2.   Replace standard AKM internal ADC and DAC chips with AKM’s best
3.   Install buffered Lundahl transformers on the inputs
4.   Install high quality op amps on the 6 outputs with a top quality voltage regulator
5.   Install RCA jack for digital input


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Re: Behringer DCX2496 EVS Mod
« Reply #1 on: 19 Mar 2012, 03:09 pm »
I also am running an EVS modified Behringer DCX249 (essentially the same mod as carlsor) in a system with a heavily modified and rebuilt Emerald Physics cs2 driven by ASL Hurricane amps on bottom and a Yamamoto A-09s on top.

Its been a while since I had mine modded (and it was modded in stages over the past few years, not all at once) but the difference between the stock Behringer and Ric’s modded version is night and day, with the modded unit contributing much more natural and detailed sound.


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Re: Behringer DCX2496 EVS Mod
« Reply #2 on: 19 Mar 2012, 05:16 pm »
I am also a happy owner of a Behringer DCX2496 modded by EVS.  It was modded in two stages, the first without the input transformers.  The transformers are definitely a must.  Much better detail, and dead quiet.  I thought that I was happy with the original mods, but now it brings the system to a whole different level.  Originally, I was going to use the Behringer to get the right crossover settings, then switch to an analog electronic crossover, but after Ric's mods, I don't feel the need.  For those of you with stock Behringers, take the plunge.  You don't know what your system can really sound like.

The Behringer is being used in a three way system consisting of Audio Technology mids and woofers, and a Scanspeak beryllium tweeter.  Power is by way of two Music Reference RM-9 Mk2 for the mids and tweeters, and an Audire Otez for the woofers.


Re: Behringer DCX2496 EVS Mod
« Reply #3 on: 22 Mar 2012, 01:58 pm »

I neglected to discuss the improvement in sound quality the evs modification made.  I had bought a used DCX2496 to function in my Emerald Physics CS-2.3 system while Ric was modifying my unit.  When I got the modded Behringer back I was able to experience a direct comparison.  The difference was immediate and huge.  Way more detail, more musical, livelier, more real.  The unmodified DCX2496 sounded sterile and artificial by comparison.

My original message was that a modified DCX2496 is not just for Emerald Physics speakers, but for anyone with speakers with an internal crossover who wants to experience the magic of biamping or triamping.