GAS Flea Market thread

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SOLD!! Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #60 on: 4 Jun 2012, 02:39 am »
SOLD!  Thanks, Chris! 

OK, guys, it's boat-anchor time!

On STL Craigslist I've posted a Hafler 500 and a BGW 500D amp for sale at:


If any GASsers are interested I can drop them off for an audition on my way to Lambert Saturday.

And I would be open to reasonable offers for the pair from fellow GAS bottom feeders.   :thumb:

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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #61 on: 9 Jun 2012, 08:32 pm »
Bump. I've added more and better pictures, and updated the information on my Dynaudio Contours for sale (see listing a few posts up from this). I also have a CL ad at


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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #62 on: 28 Jun 2012, 06:02 pm »
Bump. I've added more and better pictures, and updated the information on my Dynaudio Contours for sale (see listing a few posts up from this). I also have a CL ad at

Dynaudio Contour speakers are sold.


Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #63 on: 28 Jun 2012, 09:55 pm »
Hey Guys.

Per request, I am moving my for sale announcement here.

<< I posted this on the trading post. >>

Say Bob, if you want to bin my separate "transport for sale" thread, please feel free!


Bob in St. Louis

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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #64 on: 29 Jun 2012, 12:10 am »
Thank you Din!
That should help keep us out of trouble, and get you more exposure as well.  :thumb:



VPI HW-19 III w/Premeir FT-3 asking $750
« Reply #65 on: 29 Jun 2012, 12:20 am »
Black oak with dustcover and Vibrapods for feet (Vibrapod "doubles" available).  Slight scuff, small, on edge of platter, cosmetic only.  Missing two of the three knurled nuts for the motor cover (most people remove the motor cover).  Base, plinth and dustcover all clean.  Comes with the basic VPI two-piece record clamp.  Extra belt included.

Arm has Sumiko Analog Survival Kit arm wrap.  Bearings in excellent condition.  VTA functional, arm post does not seem dimpled.  Advertised to be VTA-on-the-fly, but that is significantly exaggerated.  Very good arm for MC carts.  I think damping is an option, but I have not implemented it nor do I know how.  Arm manufactured by Jelco was top tier in its day.  I have used both an AT-OC9 and a Lyra Clavis da Capo with really good results (not included).

I have an older Audioquest MC-5 High output moving coil cartridge I could throw in to sweeten the deal.  Can't remember ever using it but can't claim it as new.  Not really part of the deal, but it's there if it's needed.

Table is operationally fully functional and in very good cosmetic condition.

This HW-19 III has been an excellent performer for me, but I have too many turntables and need to thin the herd.  I am the second owner of this unit.

Asking $750.00.  I've seen lesser examples on eBay go for over $800, even more ($1000) on Audiogon.

This is a current ad on Audiogon for a HW-19 III without record clamp, armboard or arm for $899 plus shipping:

Cash only (no checks, no paypal, no credit cards - let's keep it simple), local pickup or delivery only.  I don't have all the shipping boxes so the need for local only.  Location Fairview Heights, IL

Pictures later.

Other tables later.  Maybe.   :)

PM me with questions or offers.

Thank you for your attention,

Bill Poletti
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Bob in St. Louis

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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
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Thank you Bill.  :thumb:


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Arcam Alpha P9 amplifier
« Reply #67 on: 30 Jun 2012, 11:09 pm »
Arcam Alpha 9P 2-channel power amplifier.

no longer for sale

This is a really nice power amplifier and will drive a lot of difficult loads. Don't be fooled by just the power rating. This amp has plenty of current for lots of headroom. I've used this with inefficient 4 ohm speakers in a home theater system and brought the house down with it. Arcam is one of the great British brands that have been around for along time.

Power (20Hz-20KHz at 0.5% THD)
70 Watts @ 8 ohms, 1 KHz
140 Watts @ 4 ohms, 1 KHz

Harmonic distortion, 60W 8 ohm = 0.02%
Frequency response: 10 Hz-20kHz +- 0.5dB
Noise: -100dB

Outstanding British manufactured power amplifier. Not a cheaper Chinese product, like many amps nowadays.

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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #68 on: 20 Aug 2012, 11:15 pm »
Wanted To Buy:

I'm shopping for new cartridge headshell leads, let me know if you want to sell a spare set.

I have an old(ER) SME 3009 S2 tone arm, rigid & kinda crusty headshell leads from a Technics removeable headshell.

Not looking for anything über expensive, just better or newer than what I currently have.


Scott F.

Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #69 on: 21 Aug 2012, 01:15 am »
Mike Pranka down at St Louis Stereo (downtown) carries some in stock. I don't think they're too expensive.


Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #70 on: 21 Aug 2012, 02:39 am »
Good idea Scott, I need to check that place out.   


Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #71 on: 21 Aug 2012, 10:20 pm »
Free  Stereophile and Absolute Sound back issues.

Is anyone interested in back issues of these two mags dating back to 2008? My wife has put her foot down and they must go. Pick them up and they're yours or I gotta put 'em to the curb.



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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #72 on: 17 Sep 2012, 11:19 pm »
I have a Nakamichi MR-1 Discrete Head professional Cassette Deck for sale. $450 cash and carry.

This unit is from 1991. It powers on, and all the transport controls work. I do not have the remote, nor any cables for it (uses XLR or 1/4" stereo). The person who buys this should expect to have it serviced (belts, idler wheel, clean/align heads, etc) to bring it up to spec.

Included are the rack handles (mounted), the original manual, and all the other paperwork that came with it, including the bench test graph.

The visible condition of this is 8/10.

If I don't sell this here I will list it on eBay for $600 and see what happens (two others are listed for that)

Frequency response: Normal Type I  20-19,000Hz
Frequency response: CRO2 Type II  20- 20,000Hz
Frequency response: Metal  Type IV 20-20,000Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio 60db, 70db using Dolby
Dolby: B, C.
Wow and Flutter Figure 0.027%
Weight: 6.3 kg ,  13.5 Pounds

    * Country of origin  Japan
    * Discrete Head Professional Cassette Deck
    * MSRP $1000
    * 1985-1994
    *  Pressure pad lifter
    * Double Capstan
    * Direct Drive
    * Discrete 3-Head Technology
    * Silent Mechanism
    * Microprocessor Control
    * Asymmetrical Dual Capstans
    * Diffused-Resonance Transport

# Connectivity
    * XLR Output Jacks
    * Headphones
    * ¼-inch Input Connectors
    * Wired Remote Control
    * XLR Input Jacks

# Heads
    * 3 Head Design
    * Separate Record and Playback Heads

# Preamplifier
    * Output-Level Control
    * Headphone Volume Control
    * Individual Input Level Controls

# Operation
    * One-Touch Record/Pause
    * Timer Recording/Playback
    * Memory Stop
    * Pitch Control
    * Real-Time Tape Monitoring
    * Record Mute
    * Full Logic Transport Control

# Noise Reduction
    * Dolby-B Noise Reduction
    * Dolby-C Noise Reduction
    * MPX Filter
    * Subsonic Filter
    * External Noise Reduction

# Transport
    * Pressure Pad Lifter
    * Dual-Capstan Transport
    * Slack-Tape Takeup
    * Direct Drive (Capstan)
    * Mechanical Tape Loading
    * Auto Shutoff (Full)

# Display
    * 4-Digit Digital Counter
    * Digital Peak-Reading Meters

# Exterior
    * 19-Inch EIA Rack Mounting
    * Orientation Center

# Speed
    * 1⅞ ips - 4.76 cm/s

# Tape
    * Manual Tape Equalization
    * Chrome Tape Capability
    * Normal Tape Capability
    * Metal Tape Capability
    * Manual Tape Type Selection


Miscellaneous for Sale
« Reply #73 on: 23 Sep 2012, 09:41 pm »
I've got some items that I would like to clear out.  Let me know if any of this interests anyone.  Kent 636-399-8053

One pair of large 4 Amp, Fast Blo, HiFi Tuning Classic fuses.  Were used in my Maggie 1.6s.  No extra charge for the extensive break-in.  $25 for both.

1 New in factory packaging, Black Minimus 7 speaker.  $20

Sony 5 Disc DVD, SACD, CD player Model DVP-NC650V.  Seems to work fine.  Sort of quirky controls. Includes remote.  $20.

Sony SA-W2500 ten-inch powered subwoofer.  Like new.  With box, receipt, etc.  Asking $50. 

Monster HTS-1000 AC power conditioner.  $40.

Belkin PUREAV line conditioner $40.

Assorted 75 Ohm short digital cables.  Were experiments.  Some interesting wire.  Free

Free Gramophone and BBC music magazines. 

Official GAS Blue Lava Lamp.  Free to good home.

Thanks for checking my stuff out.

(Thanks, Ken)

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Scott F.

Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #74 on: 5 Oct 2012, 07:48 pm »
Hi Guys,

Well, it's time to start clearing out some of the stuff I never use.

First up are the KoRnZilLaS. These are early Klipsch Cornwalls that have been re-boxed. Fair warning, these are flippin' huge. They have the Frazier F-1577 15" woofer, the K-600 midrange squawker and the EV T-135 horn tweeter. I've dampened the squawker with a Dynamat type material and it's dead. No more ring. I also de-screened it.

I also upgraded the crossover to the Crites Type B (I think it was the B, I'll check). This really cleaned up the sound. To my ears, these could use a padding resistor for the squawker but ultimately it's up to your ears. I think I've got the original XO around here somewhere. 

These do great with fleapowered amps. My 2a3 drives them to well over 100db sound levels so a 45 or 10Y would work just fine. The cabinets are in good condition and do come with grill covers.

Price - $600 Local Pickup ONLY
(that said, if you are outside St Louis and determined to own these, I'll crate and ship them but expect a bill as large or larger than the selling price, if you only want the drivers and crossovers, we can work that out too)

SOLD FINALLY  :thumb: They went to a good home out in Warrenton. Kevin (the same guy) took my Altec 511 horns with the 802D drivers.



Next up are a nice pair of Acoustic Energy Aegis Two floorstanders. These are in black and are in good condition. I picked these up from Kent a year or so ago and have replaced them in my office with the Epiphanys. These have a tiny footprint and do well backed against a wall so they would be great for a nice sounding 2.1 system flanking your TV in the living room.

I think I gave Kent $100 for the pair. Match it and they are yours. Local delivery ONLY.

SOLD! to Mark to make FrankenLowthers

stock photo

.....more to come over the next week or so...
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Scott F.

Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #75 on: 5 Oct 2012, 11:09 pm » up, my Record Cleaning Station.

This one is manual. It has the KAB EV-1 mounted on the top and I've tucked away a small handheld vacuum cleaner behind the door. I took a platter and bearing and mounted it on top of the old TV stand and use this for manual scrubbing. Once scrubbed, I vac the gunk off with the KAB EV-1. It has rollers so you can drag it around with ease. I've mounted the wire mesh cups on the top of the stand to hold your cleaning, rinsing materials along with the brushes. It's pretty handy and has served well over the years but I recently picked up a VPI 16 and don't need this any more.

Along with the station, I'll include a nearly full half gallon of Nitty Gritty Pure 2 cleaning solution (I use the Disc Docs stuff). Sorry, I don't have any extra cleaning brushes. Oh, I'm keeping the light. If you just want the parts, I'm happy to pull it apart and sell it that way.

Price - SOLD! to Chris (Local Pickup Only)

Chris, you know you really want the KorNZiLlas  :lol:


Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #76 on: 5 Oct 2012, 11:35 pm »
Pm sent on record cleaning station.  How cool!  Time to really get into vinyl. :green:


Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #77 on: 6 Oct 2012, 02:51 pm »
I'm sure we will soon see Chris posting photos of his basement with the KorNZiLlas. It's going to happen, he'll try and fight it but you know they will be taunting him in his dreams. 


Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #78 on: 7 Oct 2012, 08:08 pm »
Since we can't bump our thread posts from before like on facebook.  (Also brought this up on the fb page.)  I am reposting my sale of my JBL's

I am offering up my:

1. JBL Control 5's $200.00 for the pair.

2. JBL Control 1's $50.00 for the pair.

Let me know if you are interested.  Will consider offers.

I also have some white replacement grills for Control 5's.  Make an offer.

3. I also have some JBL D123's in cabinet of that era.  Nice furniture grade, not the official JBL cabinets.  These have no crossover and have some tweeters.  Would like to get $300 for these. Worked on these a little.

4. I have 4 Altec Lansing Stonehenge I's for sale.  Asking $400.  Two have replacement woofers, Radio Shack, and need re-foamed.  Everything else is Altec.

5. For vintage music equipment.... I have a Roland Rhythm 55 for sale. $150  It is an early drum machine....

I need to sell the big speakers...the wife wants more storage space.  Plus that would free up some funds for other projects.  :)


Still available, please make offers.... :)
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Audiophile Records
« Reply #79 on: 19 Oct 2012, 05:53 pm »
Hi everyone,

I had a great trip to RMAF.  The interesting thing was how many rooms had vinyl as their primary demonstration medium.  I would estimate easily half of the rooms used it exclusively and many others offered it.

As it happens, I have some exceptional audiophile records that I would like to sell.  They are in utterly pristine condition, with the exception of a few dust jackets.  I am open to offers, bundles, or even possibly a trade.

Here is what I have:

Telarc Omnidisc set.  This consists of two records and instructions.  There is a cartridge alignment disc, test signals, tracking tests, and imaging and music tracks.  $80.

Reference Recordings RR-25, "Nojima plays Liszt." $40.

Reference Recordings RR-15, "Church Windows," Respighi. $30

Reference Recordings RR-9, "In Formation," Kronos Quartet $30

Reference Recordings RR-15, "Reflections," $25

Three Blind Mice, tbm-15, "Blow Up," Suzuki, Isao Trio/Quartet. $40.

Chesky CR3, "Sibelius: Symphony No. 2," The Royal Philharmonic, Barbirolli.  Shrink wrap is stuck to dust jacket. $10

Chesky CR1, "Symphonie Fantastique," Berlioz, The Royal Philharmonic, Freccia.  A tear along the opening of the dust cover.  $15

Chesky RC11, "The Reiner Sound," The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Fritz Reiner. $30

Telarc, "Symphony No. 2, Resurrection" Mahler, two disc set, sealed.  $25

Telarc, Frederick Fennell and the The Cleveland Symphonic Winds, "Holst, Handel, and Bach.  Imported pressing.  Dust cover is pretty rough. $10.

Telarc, Chausson: Concerto Opus 21, Imported pressing.  Cover has corner cut off.  $10

Springsteen, "Tunnel of Love," Sealed $5.

Kim Carnes, "Mistaken Identity," Sealed $5

Carpenters, "Horizon," Hole punches in corner, Sealed. Free with qualifying purchase.

Sound Guard Record Care Mat, includes some VRP sleeves, $10.

Give me a call if any of these items interests you.  Kent 636-399-8053