Need help in selectiing a crossover for my PMC FB1's

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John L

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I am looking for a 2-channel analog crossover to put between my SACD player (L&R stereo outs) and the 5.1 inputs on my receiver. Just want that lower octave. Would an Outlaw ICBM work well with no signal degradation? A 40hz crossover sounds like it may be the best?
My Sony player(xa777es) does not output any 2 channel thru the 5.1 outs on the player. Thus, I need a second bass manager(own an M&K for the 5.1's, 80hz fixed) Any help would be appreciated. By the way, the FB1's are FANTASTIC speakers!! Thanks.



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Need help in selectiing a crossover for my PMC FB1's
« Reply #1 on: 20 May 2004, 12:03 am »
I've been looking for a crossover for quite a while now to use with my passive sub. Since I really only need one channel, I've looked at single channel crossover kits from Marchand, the Outlaw bass management box,  Rane etc and I keep coming up with the 10B being the best all around value, at least for my needs. I haven't bought one yet although I hope to be able to trade in a 3B-ST against the cost of one at my local Bryston dealer. You might want to take a look the 10B if you haven't already.